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CORV C6 '05-'08 6.0L/6.2L V8 part # 11759

Borla Performance has made history with the Corvette, from LeMans to Laguna Seca, from Daytona to Indy. If a fast Corvette is involved, chances are BORLA is too. The “S” Style exhaust has been at the top of the charts since its inception. In conjunction with requests from some race teams, BORLA has released this competition rear section (PN11759) for your street Corvette. This system features our patented multi-core muffler design for superior performance with a sound that is less aggressive than the "S-type" muffler (sometimes called the Stinger) system but with increased air flow and even a slight increase in performance. For those making modifications (ie; superchargers, long tube headers, bigger camshafts), this might be the perfect sound for your Corvette or just for the long trips across an open road in Nevada. For the street or the track, the performance of the patented multi-core XR-1® exhaust is legendary. BORLA -- serious performance exhaust for a true American Muscle car. BORLA, the original pioneers of high quality, austenitic stainless steel (superior to 409 or aluminized steel) free-flow exhaust utilizes patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy -- all with an easy bolt-on installation.
CORV C6  '05-'08 6.0L/6.2L V8 part # 11759

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