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F-250/ F-350 1999-2002 X-Pipes, Mid-Pipes, & Down-Pipes part # 60083

Borla Performance Industries is proud to launch the XR-1® Diesel Line with the release of our Cat-Back™ systems and Downpipes for Ford F250 & F350 Diesel Powered Trucks 1999-2005. Designed for extended or crew cab, short or long bed, V8 power stroke turbo diesel engine with automatic or manual transmission. Each 4” system has a massive 5” diameter 14” length round, rolled edge, angle cut stainless steel polished tip at the side exit and features a 6-3/4” diameter, 19” long round Borla Patented Multi-Core XR-1® Muffler that incorporates Borla’s patented technology made famous on racetracks around the world as the winningest exhaust in racing. The Multi-Core design maximizes flow, lowers exhaust gas temperature for engine durability while providing optimum, pleasing sound levels. Mandrel bent aerospace grade T-304 stainless steel (the highest quality material used for exhaust) and designed to work with the factory catalytic converter. Borla now offers performance packages for off-highway use that include a massive custom tuned Turbo Downpipe. These performance combo kits (Part #16758, 16759, 16760) include both Cat-Back™ System and Turbo Downpipe (also sold separately) and are not intended for use on public highways. Genuine Borla exhaust — now for diesels — delivers its 26-year tradition of quality, performance, ease of installation and the legendary Borla sound of power. In fact, this dynamic new XR-1® Diesel Exhaust has been noted for creating deep throaty growl resembling a big-block gasoline engine of years gone by. All this and guaranteed for a cool million miles.
F-250/ F-350 1999-2002 X-Pipes, Mid-Pipes, & Down-Pipes part # 60083

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