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Paul G., Darien, IL

"I wanted to let you know I received my order [exhaust for 2010 Altima] and that it looks AND sounds great!"

Kevin D., APO

"the exhaust [Mustang V6] has arrived, it arrived about a week ago. absolutely love it by the way, worth every penny. thank you."

Jeremiah M., Haskell, AR [Camaro system]

"Your exhaust systems are the best!! I get compliments absolutely everywhere I go!"

David S

"Just received and fitted the S-type #140280 to my 2011 Camaro SS.

Im an Australian and work in Saudi Arabia. The cat back exhaust system is AWESOME !! Cant praise the kit enough. The sound is out of this world, especially compared to the Chevy original fit exhaust. Why Chevy chose to make the SS sound like a 'sewing machine' is beyond me but Borla has come to the rescue with their bonza system. 40 minutes to remove the original exhaust and fit the Borla system - Soooo easy and straight forward. Love it, thanks Borla."

dakota-durango.com forum

 "On the wifes SUV. I had to replace the factory aluminized when it was six years old. I put a BorlaStainless Cat Back on and it has been 8 years and it still looks great."

Rockie, Salem OR

 "I own a 2010 Challenger R/T. I wanted the sound of the car to equal it's aggressive stance.

I took my time and researched/listened to many manufacturers of exhaust systems.

I "Didn't" have to SETTLE !! Borla's ATAK brought my R/T to life with commanding rumble that definitely turns heads.Someone had to be The Best......you obviously decided it would be Borla.I couldn't be happier. STUNNING! Thank you"

Jim F. [email]

"Installed my Borla exhaust on my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT back in 2008. Increased my horsepower considerably and has an amazing sound. Quiet when cruising and a lions roar under power. I am so incredibly happy with your very well made product. When needed, my next system will most definitely be a Borla! I am still driving my Tibby and it is still running like the day I bought it with 150k miles and it still gets complements!

Thanks to you and your team at Borla…"

Joe [email]

"I love the sound that comes from my 2011 Mustang GT Convertible exhaust – each and every time I drive the car!!!!  I have the Borla S-Type!  If I ever get another car I will get the ATAK!"

Joseph P.[email]

"I can't tell you how happy I am with the product :) you guys rock!!!!!!! I'm a Borla man for Life!!!!"

Rob W [email]

“It is not too often that a company exceeds expectations both in product quality and warranty support. The Borla company has achieved both in my case. I have purchased several cat-back systems from them over the years and have been very pleased with the total performance enhancements and superior good looks to my vehicles that I have installed them on…I have decided to keep my Chevy truck longer than usual, repairing it when necessary. Recently, I had an issue with the tailpipe section failing due to the extraordinary salt conditions in the Northeast.I thought I was out of luck and would have to pay for the repair out of pocket.I was wrong. After documenting my purchase with them they were all too pleased to send me the parts needed for my repair.Not only did they ship me my parts in a very timely manner, but they also shipped me additional pieces to match the new ones. This is above and beyond normal warranties that I have experienced from so called "guaranteed' products. I cannot thank Borla enough for supporting their product so well after the original purchase and will definitely continue to buy their products immediately after any new vehicle purchase.After all, why wait until the original system starts to fail?  With Borla's products it just makes sense to install, enjoy and have the confidence of knowing that they will be there if anything goes wrong. Total thumbs up!”

Fred N., Little Rock, AR

“Installed the exhausts on my Charger this a.m.. Piece of cake! Perfect fit bolt-on. Very slightly louder than stock and a lot less weight.“

Jonathan R., Hewlett, NY

“I had the system installed, a perfect fit, in an hour and a quarter. It sounds awesome, and I couldn’t imagine driving would be so much more fun. What a fine piece of engineering!”

Jayson T., Orlando, FL

"I purchased the Borla kit for my 2003 4Runner Thursday. I just wanted to let you know that I have never installed an aftermarket exhaust kit that went so smoothly. Everything lined up "perfectly" with no modifications what so ever. Took me about an hour from start to finish. This is by far the greatest exhaust quality I have ever used. I just wanted to thank Borla for making an outstanding product. I will buy your products any day over the competitors. Your company is what other companies need to look up to. I'm absolutely impressed. Thank you so much."

Martin M. [email]

"Thanks for the tip on the cayman forum. I did try it again and it went on very smooth. I took your advise to put the bolts in by hand on the trans mount then tightened it up. The exhaust is excellent. It sounds great and wakes up the car. Just wanted to thank you guys for an excellent product. Thanks again!"

Terry M., NY

"Your products make subaru's sound simply spectacular!"

57 Chevy, 88 Vette, 07 Cayman" — John M. [email]

"I drove away ... with a big grin on my face, THANKS. First impressions are great. The car feels better as well as sounds better. Some talk about "extra" drone down low, I'm OK with it in the 2200-2800 rpm band. Going up the grade was a kick, on and off the throttle to hear the exhaust note with the windows down. I got a thumbs up from a Z3 Bimmer ! I pulled up to the conference, rapped the throttle and turned a lot of heads... Feedback from the folks at work is all positive from both the sound and appearance. I am very happy with the 3.5 inch choice ... Thanks Again,
Three time Borla Owner

Austin P., AZ

"I am a proud owner of both a 2005 Pontiac Gto and a Borla stainless steel catback (part# BOR140165). I have owned Borla systems on three of my vehicles and continue to purchase them because of the superior quality, looks, and most importantly the incredible sound they have brought to my vehicles...Thanks"

Karl T. [email]

"I just wanted to let you know that I installed the Borla rear section exhaust (pn 11750) on my 08 Mustang GT 5 speed. I love how the car sounds. Also, the quality and finish of the mufflers are second to none."

Charles W. [email]

"I recently bought your aggressive cat-back system for my 2008 Mustang GT. Let me just say that I LOVE it! It sounds very ominous, and I am pretty sure I can feel the horsepower increase when I accelerate."

Brad [email]

"hi,just a thumbs up for your company.i just purchased a catback for my 2008 subaru wrx 4 door.it is a topnotch setup.installation was perfect.the best thing is it sounds awesome.it wasnt the cheapest i could have bought but definetly worth it. great product.i love it!!!!!!"

Don S. [email]

"I recently purchased a Borla cat-back system for my 2008 Chevy Silverado. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of the tubing, muffler, tips and the hardware in general. Everything fit like a glove it and truly looks professional and sounds wonderful. Your products are the best!"

Tom W. [email]

"My son and I just installed a cat back on his 2003 Mustang...wow...sounds great!"

Rwatters from 8thcivic.com

"As an owner of a Borla exhaust-system when I owned the RX-8, I can honestly tell you there is a reason the exhaust is so expensive. It's WORTH IT. The quality of the exhaust was the best I have ever seen, and it was built like a rock. The thing was tough and sturdy. They are tested and usually include flow characteristics and dyno charts as well. Then you get into the sound portion. It's beautiful. It sounds fantastic, and you don't have any drone on the highway. It's loud when you want it to be, but when you're off the loud pedal it's as if the car doesn't even have an exhaust system. Think WS2 quiet when you're off the gas, and DC Sports loud when you're on the gas. The perfect combination, and something you DON'T get with the Skunk2, Apexi N1, DC Sports, Invidia, etc. You get loud when you're on the gas and loud when you're off the gas with those. The exhaust is also typically lighter than the factory exhaust system as well which was a huge bonus for RX-8 owners. A lot of R&D goes into their products before they are released, and they are well-worth the cash. I plan on buying one for my Si, that's for damn sure."

Nicholas T., Virginia Beach VA

"I just put on a borla exhaust on my 2007 VW Rabbit and I love it!! It is great and you guys are great. Just wanted to let you guys know that."

Michael M., Linden, MI

"OMG OMG OMG!!!! Best sounding car I've ever heard and its all Mine??? Thank everyone at Borla for me I am in heaven!!! They said the S type would be to loud with my Headers..oh no there not!! They sound amazing..of course I'm 28 and not 65 like most Z06 owners.. Again thanks for all your help and your wonderful product I can't say enough great things about it, now if only I could leave work and drive it the rest of the day!!... that's exactly how I felt after getting out of it for the first time.. I am suffering here at the office, not a cloud in the sky and all I can do is look out my office window at the tips of my awesome exhaust...I even wore my hat in to pick her up at the dealer, oh and just so you know, he's done (7) Z06's in the past 2 months, and he said mine is by far the best sounding one!!"

Ruth R., Johnson City, TN

"My nephew says he gets three miles per gallon better gas mileage since he redid his exhaust system. He loves his Borla exhaust."

John A., Glen Allen, VA

"...I would like you to know that I feel Borla makes the best exhaust systems I have ever seen. I am 58 years old and have been working on cars since I was about 7, helping my father with his cars. I have changed my share of exhausts in those 52 years, whether for personal vehicles or helping friends with theirs.
The first Borla system I got was for my wife's 1996 Grand Cherokee. We needed some more power and she needed better gas mileage. Well we got both. I have never had an easier time achieving these goals. It actually took me less time to install the new Borla on the Jeep than it took me to remove the old one. The system has been on the Jeep for about 12 years now, and it looks like new and still sounds great.
We bought an Infinity G35 coupe a few years ago. I was impressed with its handling and performance as well as the gas mileage. A couple of years ago I decided that it would be nice to have some more perfomance without doing anything to void my car's warranty. I decided to again purchase one of your exhaust systems. I was floored when I received it. The workmanship was great. It wasn't too hard to remove the factory system, but I was surprised how easy the Borla literally fell into place. I got my increased gas mileage (2+ mpg in the city and get almost 30 mpg on the highway at a steady 65 mph). The sound is great. Even my wife likes it.
"I have told friends about your great product and several have bought them. Thanks and keep up the great work."

Rolf J., Modesto, CA

"Some Positive Feed-Back on your productt of dual Borlas. 3rd performance car, 3rd set of Borlas! 2006 350Z with Catbacks and sound is great. Smooth transitional sound with Borls's unique growl up tthrough 6krpm. Impecable quality with quality ans so easy w installation. Wish the header package could be installed as easy as I would insatll that as well. Nissan design challenge there, not Borla. Lifetime advocate for Borla."

Bob W., Cayman Club Internet Forum

"...i find it quite incredible that Borla can manufacture a system that can be so quiet but so amazingly like a race car when needed (all the time)"

Gator Bite, Cayman Club Internet Forum

"You guys better start tooling up to make a pile of those Cayman exhaust systems, because the excitement in my thread is about to explode. I just posted my post install dyno results. An impressive 21.4 horsepower gain. Nice job man. You guys just raised the bar by a significant amount in regard to catback horsepower gains. And that is coming from one of the clubs biggest skeptics and Farnbacher Loles, both of which add substantial credibility to the claim... From outside the car, the exhaust note is a lot louder than the non existent stock exhaust note, yet in the car there are times when it doesn't sound any louder at all."

Efren O. , [email]

"I have a 1987 Mazda RX-7 GXL and i have a borla exhaust system on it. this system is the best system i've ever had it sounds great and clean love it!!!"

Chris, [email]

"I just wanted to tell you that I bought your exhaust for my Chevy Camaro 3.4L V6 a few months after I bought my car and it has been on it since about 1994 and the car has 261,000 miles on it and the exhaust except for stains I can't seem to remove that I believe is tar the exhaust is still in great shape and still sounds good. I just wanted to pass that on since I am soon going to be trading this car in on a new car. The exhaust has out lasted the rest of the car."


"Borla is by far the best sounding exhaust on the market. I have installed on 3 vehicles now. Tried Magnaflow once and it wasn't even close. Thanks, Chris"

Bob K., [email]

"This is my fourth set of Borla exhaust systems. I love that sweet sound."

Carter R., Houston, TX

"...got it [TURBO MUFFLER & TIP], and it sounds GREAT, fantastic doing business with you guys!"

Chris M. [email]

"Borla is by far the best sounding exhaust on the market. I have installed on 3 vehicles now. Tried Magnaflow once and it wasn't even close. Thanks"

Chris K. [email]

"Just wanted to tell you that I bought your exhaust for my Chevy Camaro 3.4L V6 a few months after I bought my car and it has been on it since about 1994 and the car has 261,000 miles on it and the exhaust except for stains I can't seem to remove that I believe is tar the exhaust is still in great shape and still sounds good. I just wanted to pass that on since I am soon going to be trading this car in on a new car. The exhaust has out lasted the rest of the car."

Bryce F. [email]

"Your exhaust system for my 2006 honda accord is fantastic. I love the sound and performance. Thanks for making a great product! Do you guys think you will ever make headers for my car? If so, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Performance is your middle name!"

Lawrence L. [email]

"I installed a Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System (#140166) on my 2006 Hummer H3 today. Everything fit perfectly. I was very impressed!!! This install was easy..."

Howard [Internet Forum]

"I have them on my 2005 C6 Vert A4/3.15. I bought them to replace the B&B Bullets I had on there for two weeks. My take, the Magnaflows are an exhaust you will like, but they won't give you goosebumps and make you smile everytime you drive...
I have swapped the same set of Corsa Sports #14169 on 3 different C6s and my feelings are the same as the Magnaflows, except they are not deep, they have a more throaty higher pitched sound. Again, I liked them, but did not love them as they were also too quiet. Finally I ripped off the Corsa Sports, I now have Borla Stingers on my 2006 C6 Vert manual tranny, best sounding exhaust I have ever heard on any car, definite goosebumps and smiles everytime I drive, but they might be a tad loud for some people. Still they are no where as LOUD as Bullets and I do not perceive any teeth rattling drone with the Borlas."

Larry W. [email]

"I just had my system installed on my truck. WOW, I'm very impressed, it sounds great, and it I can barely hear it when I am driving down the highway. This system was definitely worth the price. Keep up the good work."

Dave H. [email]

"I recently purchased a Borla header for my Jeep which I added to a previously installed Borla exhaust. Both are great products, and fit perfectly- possibly better than the factory parts! The exhaust sound is great, too..."

Wes L. [email]

"I have installed the exhaust system and LOVE IT!!! It has made a noticeable improvement in the performance of my Jeep. Best of all, it sounds great. Thanks again"

Steve C. [email]

"I put a Borla cat back exhaust on my 2006 Silverado (4.8L, short bed, std cab) last night. I am very pleased. In fact, I am TOTALLY happy with the system! I don't think I have ever had an aftermarket product that fit so well. The fit was perfect. The stainless muffler was nice. The sound is factory quiet at cruise (1000-2000 rpm) and mellow under acceleration. Thanks for a great product."

Gary S.

"Thanks for your very well engineered and high quality products...The sound is perfect for my vehicle (not too loud & very mellow) and I couldn't be happier. However, I'm most impressed with the quality of your product and how well it's engineered. Being an engineer myself I really appreciate a product that does what it's supposed to do and installs with minimal problems. Your system was simple to install. Once I removed the old nuts and O2 sensor, your system was a simple bolt on installation. I greatly appreciate the attention to detail your engineering staff has paid to the design of the overall system. The product is manufactured in such a high quality manner that the muffler and pipes were so nice looking I almost hated to put them under the truck! ... I know I'll enjoy having it on my truck and I look forward to years of trouble free service."

Reed C., Thousand Oaks, CA

"I am looking forward to letting my friends on the Corvette Forum know that Borla's top priority is their customers. I will definitely be a Borla customer for life."

Mike S., Woodbine, MD

"In our opinion at MACA [Mid Atlantic Cobra Association], Borla Stingers are a magnificant product, and I am always ready to comment positively on the product as well as the customer service... a sterling reputation can't be purchased or even advertised to the point of personal experience with a company representative."

Bruce R., Coram, NY

"I've been a Gibson exhaust man with my trucks trying Borla for the first time and you've made this enjoyable thanks for everything"

Scott F., Eldridge, IA

"I just wanted to say 'Thanks a million' I've got a 2002 Mustang GT and I live in a fairly small town in the Midwest. I got very tired of the "boys" in this town revving up their cars as they drive by. I spent a year looking into a strong sounding exhaust system and decided on a Borla cat back system. This is a one of a kind sound especially from where I live. I now have people pulling me over and waving me down to ask about the car and more so the sound I get. The "boys" don't even attempt to mess with me any more, although I kind of wish they wood. I had it installed at a performance shop in town ... and couldn't be happier...Thanks again!!!"

Rich R. [email]

"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your product...I spoke to many of my friends in the car industry and just about everyone suggested the Borla exhaust with out hesitation, tells you something ,right!...The exhaust system went on without any problems. Everything fit so perfectly I kept thinking to myself after this next piece something has got to go wrong, it didn't. This was the most enjoyable exhaust system I have ever installed. Not that I like to install exhaust systems, this was just plain easy. Your research, engineering and development staff have done everything to make your systems the best. Thanks for a great product."

WickedC6, corvetteforum.com

"Borla's sound absolutely amazing - better than on my C5...and the tips looks so much more aggressive (I got the quad ovals). I went with the xpipe as well. No drone - a little burble on decelleration but I like that. I'm sure once its seasoned it will mellow...with the Borla I haven't listened to the radio since I installed it"

derail, Corvetteforum

"Just wanted to say that we put your cat back system on my wife's 2003 Lincoln Navigator and we just love it. Everyone is amazed at how it sounds."

Anthony R., Jackson, NH

"I have to comment on the recent installation of a Borla Cat-Back Exhaust for a 2001 Audi TT Quattro. In one word, EXCELLENT. This had to have been the easiest car project I have done in years. The old system was removed and the new Borla system installed in about a 1/2 hour. Alignment and fit was great — a well engineered product. I look foward to years of use."

greentank, Corvetteforum

"I can honestly say that when I become a vette owner (within the next year) and look for an exhaust system, I'll be looking at Borla........... You can charge whatever you want - that's your business - and the market determines your success. But the intangibles, like customer service, can make all the difference - and you've proven to me that Borla has it in spades."

Steve M., Folsom, CA

"I just want to express my satisfaction and excitement upon having your exhaust system installed on my new 06/C6 Vette!! I purchased #140129 touring system and I just have to put kudo's where they belong. The muffler shop that did the work had never seen this system before and they were showing me the Corsa before the install. Hell, besides the quality difference the one end muffler and tip weighed more than the entire Borla mufflers and tips!! And the sound and looks are like nothing I've seen around town. As they say, you get what you pay for and I feel I've gotten more than I paid for!! Keep up the good work,"

Alex N., CA

"I recently put a Borla exhaust system on my '04 Silverado and I gotta thank you guys for this product. I can tell the difference it makes - I get off the line quicker and much smoother. And the sound... the exhaust isn't loud and obnoxious like some other brands out there (Flowmaster, I'm looking your way). The pitch is perfect. Since I put the exhaust on, I haven't stopped getting compliments on my truck. People constantly ask to look under the truck to see what I've got. I can't tell you how many people would gawk at the rolled chrome tips... That was the first thing that got me interested in Borla - the tips are fat and functional, they don't end up looking rusty and nasty after a few months in the Bay Area rain... So keep up the good work..."

Jeff H., NJ

"If you want to sound like Steve McQueen and not Vin Deisel."


"I was already a customer and a huge fan of BORLA exhaust systems, but this thread pretty much poured the concrete around my ankles - Im in for life! Great support and contact with the buying public is something you do not see often these days. Thanks yall!"

Helix Minisports, Philadelphia, PA

"We have installed and dyno tested just about every aftermarket cat-back system for the MCS. None have the fitment, quality construction, sound quality and power increase that the Borla has. We made three different prototypes of our own MCS exhaust, and none could compete with the Borla. We now proudly carry Borla."

Adam R., CO

"...person named Harley that works for you got my email and had the part I needed manufactured and had it over night to me in time for Christmas. He called me several times on Thursday trying to make sure that this was all I needed. I have to give him credit I'm not easy to get to...he got the part to me and allowed some father and son bonding for Christmas putting together your exhaust system. The best part about it is that it sounds great."

Bob C., MI

"Your product is first rate. The sound is great on start up and just enough at speed without making me appear as though I am driving my son's car. No smoke and flames upon initial startup (sort of looked forward to that). The installation was easy and much less labor intensive than removal of the stock system, even with factory service text/notes at hand."

Dyke Morrissey, Amesbury, MA

"Racing in the Grand American Cup Sports Car Series is growing at an explosive rate in North America. It is the premier proving ground of today's automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, Acura, and Ford. Standard production cars right off the showroom floor compete for the title chase and fans flock to see their specific car or favorite driver compete. These fans are affluent, actively involved and passionate about their loyalty. This brand loyal group is where our sponsors gain critical exposure. We thank you for your commitment to Turner Motorsport and want you to know how critical you were to our success."

Cathy D., St. Louis, MO

"WOW does my car sound GREAT! I finally got the Borlas on. My personnel mechanic had a big job to finish and we do not let anyone else touch the vettes. It sounds SWEET! before the Borlas it sounded wimpy, looked awesome but did not sound like a vette. I couldn't bond. Now she's mine."

Marty W., NW IL

"I have a Borla system on my 99 Vette and my 2005 F250. I just bought a 2006 Pontiac Solstice and before I drive a single mile, I want a Borla system on it."

Dr. Martin R.

"I run Borla equipage from air-intake to headers to cat-back, and find the product to be ideal, but it is always the customer service that makes a given product --no matter how good it is— be satisfactory in the field. You are by far the finest customer service person with whom I have had the pleasure of working."

John T., Northern VA

" When I started my research 4 mos ago, Borla was the only Quality name I knew in the exhaust business. Looked at Corsa, MagnaFlow, BB, GHL, and FlowMaster. You win."

John M., Ft. Worth, TX

"...just wanted to say I am very satisfied with the Stingers and X-pipe on my Silver Z-51. Look great sounds "nasty" the slight drone is music to my ears."


"I own a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner Sport Edition V8 4 WD with the 5 speed automatic trans. I just installed the Borla Cat Back system...I love the exhaust. I'm definitely not going to creep up on any wildlife with my new exhaust. However, my wife surprisingly loves it."


"I just installed the Mopar/Borla cat back and it is exactly what I wanted. At idle the engine no longer sounds like a sewing machine, and we all know it's not a sewing machine. Acceleration sounds as though you are driving a car with a performance engine without sounding like a teenager with glass packs. No drone at highway speeds and has the sound of authority at WOT. This is the exhaust that the factory should use as standard equipment on this engine..............."

Rex S., Jacksonville, FL

"I had a Borla catback exhaust on my RSX Type-S and I loved it. I know I am probably one of the few requesting it but can you put the TSX on the ol'list of the vehicles to be R&D'd before next year? The quality of your product cannot be matched and the sound is perfect, it worked well with the CAI and header I had installed on the RSX and I get the feeling that it will do just as well on my TSX. I have no reason to look at other cat-back systems out there on the market because Borla has proven what it promises to the customer."

T. Moore

"Just completed the installation of the exhaust on the Impala and I must say, I am very impressed. Without a doubt, the best fitting and easiest installation I have done in years. My thanks and congratulation on a great kit."

Tony M., MI

"I installed the Borla System on the T-Bird in late June. WOW!!!! What a difference it has made! The sound is awesome and I do notice a slight increase in performance.... In fact, I had a fellow T-Bird owner stop me in a parking lot asking about the system. He was blown away by the sound and appearance it gives the T-Bird."

Jeff C.

" Spotted the article in the L.A. Times and had to peek at your video. It's great! Very funny. I've been a big fan for a long time and still hope to add a Borla muffler to my car some day."

J. Jordan

"Thank you again for you and your company's swift response and handling of my warranty claim...I am very happy that Borla stands behind their product and their customers. I will be in the market for a cat-back exhaust for this vehicle (2000 Subaru RS) soon, and although I hadn't concidered the Borla system as an option before, I am seriously considering it now."

SGT D.C. Chavez

"I also want to say thank you to Borla for making it easy for American Soldiers to order and ship your great product overseas!! We may be far from home, but we still love our great american performance parts!!"

Dan, Santa Cruz, CA

"I wanted to thank you for the service and to let you know that I love the exhaust. It took me a while to install it because after I was quoted $250 for the installation I realized it would be a simple matter for me to throw it on. In fact, the $250 would have been money well spent, not because the install was complex but because not having a lift makes things difficult. Anyway, myself and a friend...put the system in. It took about 4 hours. The sound is way better. I finally get that nice V8 rumble I've been missing and there is zero resonance/vibration at any RPM. Borla is GREAT!"

N. Petty, CA

"Obviously Borla makes quality products but there are numerous high-performance mufflers currently on the market. I have contacted many of these companies, but none have responded with the advice, information, and courtesy that Borla has. Based on quality customer service alone, I plan to purchase a Borla at my local muffler shop."

Kristopher C., Carrollton, TX

"I have been a customer of your company for many years now...Your products always fit right the first time and look good after time. Although I have never had a problem with your products, the million-mile warranty is comforting...It is good to see a company that still cares about quality and customer service."

Edward M., CO

"Installation and vertical alignment was great...Your description of the sound was right on. Idle is noticeable but not loud, acceleration is as loud as your foot wants it to be...So put me down as a satisfied customer. Several of the Chevy techs at the dealership (they did the install) commented on how good the system looks and sounds - so keep up the good work."

Louis P., Vero Beach, FL

“Thank you for the super fast service, my previous order was just that fast too, you guys are great!”

John B. [email]

“Installed your catback kit in 2003 on my Roush 360r mustang. The installation was very easy due to the perfect fit and alignment. The sound is awesome, many people commented that it was the best sounding exhaust they have heard. Have had no problems with exhaust and still it today. Thanks”

Martin P., Canada

“Great exhaust system. The install was easy and fit perfect. The quality is number one. The best part of it all is the sound. They really know how it should sound. I would recommend Borlas to everyone.”

Orv P. [email]

“Just installed a Borla cat back on my 2008 1500 Dodge 4x4 with a 5.7 Hemi. The install was easy. Anyone with any abuility in turning wrenches could do this. Getting the stock exhaust off took longer then putting the new one on. The directions were right on about eveything. Now my truck has a much deeper sounding idle, but still quiet. And then when you open it up you really hear it come alive!!! It sounds great and does make enough extra power over stock that you can feel it as well as hear it.”

Andy P., Annapolis MD

“…I've had my new Borla exhaust … in my '04 MINI S for a couple months now and boy is it AWESOME!!!!!!! I was considering selling [the car] with only 40k on it, for a new one. But decided to inquire with others who have upgraded their cars in order to add some excitement. Borla was the first thing I was told, by a MINI sales manager … Well the car is faster, and feels and sounds totally killer. I love the sound when I accelerate, what a hoot! … It's like having a new car and it alone, has sparked my love affair with the MINI. This is my 6th one. I recommend BORLA to anyone who will listen. … Thank you very much for providing this very cool system at a wonderfully palatable price! …Terrific bang for the buck …“

Doug K., Castro Valley, CA

“What great customer service! ... I have installed the CBE. Everything fit as advertised with good instructions. It sounds, drives and looks beautiful. And I found a bonus in the box, a neat Borla Hat!”

Jan F, Canada

“The you tube video on the three types of exhaust available for the 2011 mustang 5.0 is just the greatest. Gives you a very good perspective on the systems. Chap in the video explains it very well. Well done.”

Paul D. [email]

“I just wanted to say how much of a proud owner I am. I'm 21 and just purchased a '01 VW GTI VR6 and as any VW enthusiast would know, it's a MUST to install some aftermarket exhaust on a VR6. And I knew the day I bought it that Borla was gonna be the way to go. Bought the Techtonics Tuning Catback w/ Borla muffler and god does it sound amazing. Really unleashes that deep rumble it was born to give off. It was gonna be a tossup between Borla and … for a while and although Borla costed more, I didn't care, I knew I was buying a higher quality product :). I have been a hardcore fan of Borla for years well before ever even getting any exhaust. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks guys.”

Albert C. [email]

“I have just installed on my Ford f150 -2010 the Cat back system. This is the 3rd system I have purchesed from Borla over the years. It was a perfect fit, sounds and works great.”

RJR. -Brook Park, Ohio

“I have been very hesitant to change the exhaust on my C5 corvette. I live in northern Ohio and one of your major competitors is located literally in our backyard.The main thing that everyone seems to talk about is Drone.I have heard this from this manufacturer and many of the car forums on the internet. Everyone seems to be an expert on Drone these day's.In my opinion Drone is a "66 Nova"with a small block,metal floor with peeling under coating,two short pipes,and a set of cheap glass packs from Uncle Willy's that stop under the back seat footwell.NOW THAT IS DRONE. I was at a local "car cruise in" this past weekend and heard a set of Borla's on a corvette . Now that sound I really liked,and trust me I have heard a lot of other cat back systems and none of them sounded like the Borla's.I came home that night and spent all night doing my homework. I was convinced that Borla has a real R&D department and that was a very important factor in making a decision. The next morning I went down to Summit Racing and purchased a set of #140017 and put them on.The fit was perfect,no computer problems (and this was alway's a major concern),and the sound was just right.I would like to thank the people at Borla for making an outstanding American product.I still like the American sound over the Euro sound.This is the way a Corvette should sound. Thank You!”

Peter E., Santa Barbara, CA

“Hey guys, I haven't even had my system installed yet. That will be tomorrow. Having been in inside and mostly outside sales for most of my adult life as well as owning my own business, I have to say, your team member are amazing weather they're in that department or not. I immediately felt a great connection with them and always had my questions answered. I've always wanted a Borla system from my first car when I was 17, a 1995 Mustang GT 5.0 to my current Porsche Cayman S which will be fitted tomorrow…anyone considering purchasing from Borla will NOT be dissatisfied. They're the American company we all want to see and great employees willing to talk to you about anything. Stop considering any other models and go with Borla. You won't be let down!”

Rusty P., Orlando, FL

“I work at a dodge dealer in orlando fla and one of our techs just installed your cat-back system on a v6 charger, it did not sound like a v6 when he finished, I mean it really sounded great.”

Ace M. [email]

“Just installed the multi core exhaust part #11759 on my 07 C6 Corvette. Took about one hour using my friends lift with one person helping. Great fit instructions pretty good though I did not have to remove the heat shield from the gas tank, I did have to put the car in Drive to get the linkage out of the way to take the oem driver side muffler out. Other than that a great install. Very pleased with the sound, not to loud not to quite. I think Borla hit the nail on the head with the sound. Only complaint I have, I think it should have came with an "X" pipe for the cost, don't mine paying for good quality for which I am completely satisfied.”

Sean U., Manassas, VA

“…got the exhaust and had it installed. I am very impressed with the quality and tone of this axel back for my 2011 v6 mustang. You guys have a customer for life and I will recommend all my car buddies to borla. Thanks again!"

Bryan F. [email]

“I installed the Borla exhaust a few years ago [on a 1969 Mercury Cougar]…the rumble of the exhaust gets many favorable comments, and even after three years it shines like new when polished. Should I ever need anymore exhaut system parts, I'll be coming to Borla first. Thanks for a great product.”

Bart C., Greensboro, NC

“I just installed your stainless CAT back exhaust on my 2008 Saturn Sky. Everything included was top quality, especially the instructions. Might I suggest that you give some hints on how to make getting the existing hangers out of the rubber grommets easier I used liquid soap to get them on). The fit, finish and sound are flawless. Thanks...wanted you to know what a great product I think you have.”

Captain Joe Jakub, DARE program

“We have used Borla Exhausts on our drug prevention vehicles for over 15 years now. Why, Because they are the easiest to install.....Because they fit.....Because No bending and redoing like some systems we have tried to install in the past....Because they add performance to our vehicles. In 1995 we installed our first Borla exhaust system on our Chevrolet D.A.R.E. Camaro just a few days after we acquired it…and its still performing extremely well today with over 177,000 miles on it. Our exhaust installation team at Midas has always been amazed at the fantastic fit and ease of all of [Borla] installs. You folks at Borla are doing an outstanding job of building awesome exhaust systems that are truly the best in the world for performance and installations. Keep up the great work!!!”

Hale B. [email]

“So i just installed my new Borla "ATAK" on my 2011 Camaro 2SS it only took about two hours in my garage without a lift. i was surprised with sound as soon as i started up this thick rich hearty sound echoed out of my garage when i got on the pedal it was BADASS!! It was nice to roll down the highway with only a small rumble instead of that loud monotoned hum like most other systems. Thanks Borla”

Steve M., Oxnard, CA

“I want to thank you for all of your help with the Borla exhaust on my truck. You and everybody else that I dealt with at Borla were beyond helpful and very concerned with my needs as a consumer. I will be sure to recommend Borla to all my friends and family, not only for you product but also for your customer service. Thank You,”

Ryan P.

“I have had my Borla exhaust on my tundra for about 3 years now and from day one it has been great. The only problem I have had with it is due to the rough winters in Pittsburgh, the hardware on the clamps has begun to rot out. … I relayed my problem … and [customer service rep Greg] said he would send out 4 new clamps. No questions asked! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you …You guys make a superior product and have superior customer service to match. You have a customer for life! Thank you so much! ...You rock”

Tyson M [email]

“…I added your rear section exhaust as soon as I got the car…the M3 sounds awesome at full boil w/ the Borla! (I never get to hear the car from outside, especially not right next to it) Thanks again for the quality product & I look forward to dealing with you soon!”

Rick R, Trenton, TX

“WOW, thank you…I must admit that I did not expect a reply, let alone one so quick...Yours is the ONLY systems I care to install on my vehicles.”

Gregory S [email]

“I have had my s type mufflers on my new 2011 Mustang gt for several days. What a change I think the new mufflers got me more excited then the purchase of the car. I have nothing but praise for your product. It is great to get what you expected and them some. I cannot wait to save up for the midpipe to complete my exhaust. For all of you thinking to buy one do not wait pull the trigger.”

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