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BORLA® Testimonials

Alex N., CA

"I recently put a Borla exhaust system on my '04 Silverado and I gotta thank you guys for this product. I can tell the difference it makes - I get off the line quicker and much smoother. And the sound... the exhaust isn't loud and obnoxious like some other brands out there (Flowmaster, I'm looking your way). The pitch is perfect. Since I put the exhaust on, I haven't stopped getting compliments on my truck. People constantly ask to look under the truck to see what I've got. I can't tell you how many people would gawk at the rolled chrome tips... That was the first thing that got me interested in Borla - the tips are fat and functional, they don't end up looking rusty and nasty after a few months in the Bay Area rain... So keep up the good work..."

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