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BORLA® Testimonials

Andy P., Annapolis MD

“…I've had my new Borla exhaust … in my '04 MINI S for a couple months now and boy is it AWESOME!!!!!!! I was considering selling [the car] with only 40k on it, for a new one. But decided to inquire with others who have upgraded their cars in order to add some excitement. Borla was the first thing I was told, by a MINI sales manager … Well the car is faster, and feels and sounds totally killer. I love the sound when I accelerate, what a hoot! … It's like having a new car and it alone, has sparked my love affair with the MINI. This is my 6th one. I recommend BORLA to anyone who will listen. … Thank you very much for providing this very cool system at a wonderfully palatable price! …Terrific bang for the buck …“

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