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BORLA® Testimonials

Captain Joe Jakub, DARE program

“We have used Borla Exhausts on our drug prevention vehicles for over 15 years now. Why, Because they are the easiest to install.....Because they fit.....Because No bending and redoing like some systems we have tried to install in the past....Because they add performance to our vehicles. In 1995 we installed our first Borla exhaust system on our Chevrolet D.A.R.E. Camaro just a few days after we acquired it…and its still performing extremely well today with over 177,000 miles on it. Our exhaust installation team at Midas has always been amazed at the fantastic fit and ease of all of [Borla] installs. You folks at Borla are doing an outstanding job of building awesome exhaust systems that are truly the best in the world for performance and installations. Keep up the great work!!!”

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