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Howard [Internet Forum]

"I have them on my 2005 C6 Vert A4/3.15. I bought them to replace the B&B Bullets I had on there for two weeks. My take, the Magnaflows are an exhaust you will like, but they won't give you goosebumps and make you smile everytime you drive...
I have swapped the same set of Corsa Sports #14169 on 3 different C6s and my feelings are the same as the Magnaflows, except they are not deep, they have a more throaty higher pitched sound. Again, I liked them, but did not love them as they were also too quiet. Finally I ripped off the Corsa Sports, I now have Borla Stingers on my 2006 C6 Vert manual tranny, best sounding exhaust I have ever heard on any car, definite goosebumps and smiles everytime I drive, but they might be a tad loud for some people. Still they are no where as LOUD as Bullets and I do not perceive any teeth rattling drone with the Borlas."

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