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BORLA® Testimonials

Paul D. [email]

“I just wanted to say how much of a proud owner I am. I'm 21 and just purchased a '01 VW GTI VR6 and as any VW enthusiast would know, it's a MUST to install some aftermarket exhaust on a VR6. And I knew the day I bought it that Borla was gonna be the way to go. Bought the Techtonics Tuning Catback w/ Borla muffler and god does it sound amazing. Really unleashes that deep rumble it was born to give off. It was gonna be a tossup between Borla and … for a while and although Borla costed more, I didn't care, I knew I was buying a higher quality product :). I have been a hardcore fan of Borla for years well before ever even getting any exhaust. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks guys.”

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