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RJR. -Brook Park, Ohio

“I have been very hesitant to change the exhaust on my C5 corvette. I live in northern Ohio and one of your major competitors is located literally in our backyard.The main thing that everyone seems to talk about is Drone.I have heard this from this manufacturer and many of the car forums on the internet. Everyone seems to be an expert on Drone these day's.In my opinion Drone is a "66 Nova"with a small block,metal floor with peeling under coating,two short pipes,and a set of cheap glass packs from Uncle Willy's that stop under the back seat footwell.NOW THAT IS DRONE. I was at a local "car cruise in" this past weekend and heard a set of Borla's on a corvette . Now that sound I really liked,and trust me I have heard a lot of other cat back systems and none of them sounded like the Borla's.I came home that night and spent all night doing my homework. I was convinced that Borla has a real R&D department and that was a very important factor in making a decision. The next morning I went down to Summit Racing and purchased a set of #140017 and put them on.The fit was perfect,no computer problems (and this was alway's a major concern),and the sound was just right.I would like to thank the people at Borla for making an outstanding American product.I still like the American sound over the Euro sound.This is the way a Corvette should sound. Thank You!”

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