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Rob W [email]

“It is not too often that a company exceeds expectations both in product quality and warranty support. The Borla company has achieved both in my case. I have purchased several cat-back systems from them over the years and have been very pleased with the total performance enhancements and superior good looks to my vehicles that I have installed them on…I have decided to keep my Chevy truck longer than usual, repairing it when necessary. Recently, I had an issue with the tailpipe section failing due to the extraordinary salt conditions in the Northeast.I thought I was out of luck and would have to pay for the repair out of pocket.I was wrong. After documenting my purchase with them they were all too pleased to send me the parts needed for my repair.Not only did they ship me my parts in a very timely manner, but they also shipped me additional pieces to match the new ones. This is above and beyond normal warranties that I have experienced from so called "guaranteed' products. I cannot thank Borla enough for supporting their product so well after the original purchase and will definitely continue to buy their products immediately after any new vehicle purchase.After all, why wait until the original system starts to fail?  With Borla's products it just makes sense to install, enjoy and have the confidence of knowing that they will be there if anything goes wrong. Total thumbs up!”

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