Calendar Posted on: August 18th 2016

2017 Ford Focus RS

The new 2016 Ford Focus RS is one of the most highly anticipated cars among the enthusiast community this year – and with good reason.

Previous versions of this car were only available in Europe, but now the 350hp hatchback will be driving on North American roads in the hands of some very lucky owners. And BORLA can add itself to that list.

BORLA is currently exploring the 2.3L EcoBoost engine to determine the best tuning options. This will include a performance exhaust system, which you can expect to produce a throaty growl, as well as increased performance and better fuel efficiency.

BORLA is also investigating a turbo upgrade package for the 2016 Ford Focus RS, which will make the fast Ford one of the most potent hatchbacks on the market.

As always, the BORLA exhaust will be made from aerospace grade T-304 stainless steel and will be backed by a Million Mile Warranty. The turbo package will also be built to BORLA’s very high standards to help ensure great performance with unbeatable reliability.

Stay tuned for announcements of the BORLA exhaust and turbo upgrade for the 2016 Ford Focus RS in the very near future.

Posted by Jason Gelinas at 6:31 pm

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