Calendar Posted on: August 18th 2016

In a viral video that has gained almost 1.1 million views on YouTube, SaabKyle04 worked with BORLA to install a BORLA Cat-Back® exhaust on his grandfather’s 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis.

A fan of dual chrome tailpipes, the 93-year-old grandfather never got around to installing one on his Marquis. So when his grandson, YouTube star Saabkyle04, surprised his grandfather with the installation of a BORLA-provided Cat-Back® exhaust, the recipient’s expression was priceless.

In addition to seeing the grandfather’s reaction, you’ll hear the BORLA Cat-Back exhaust in action.

Filmed with a variety of shots from in-car and outside, you’ll see and hear the full extent of what a BORLA exhaust can do for both the car and owner.

The post is one of the most feel-good videos of the year and certainly earns Saabkyle04 “Grandson of the Year” from BORLA.

Posted by Jason Gelinas at 6:30 pm

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