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Porsche Owners Club

Southern California owners and enthusiasts of the Porsche Boxster and Cayman were recently treated to a day of fun, food, and power when BORLA hosted a Tech Day event at Porsche performance specialists, BBI Autosport in Huntington Beach, CAEspecially noted that day, was BORLA’s own Porsche Boxster exhaust.

BBI opened the proceedings with a brief tuning talk before opening the floor to an in-house demonstration of the BORLA S-Type Exhaust for the Porsche Boxster. The installation provided owners the chance to view the product up close, admire the quality and witness the ease of installation for themselves.

David Borla entertained the crowd with a presentation about the family-run business, discussing BORLA technology and its commitment to providing performance products for Porsche and other European car brands.

A mobile dyno was brought in for the day and several runs were conducted to inform and thrill the attendees in equal measure. One of the highlights was the high-revving sounds of a Porsche Cayman racecar, brought by the Porsche Owners Club, as well as the BORLA-equipped Porsche Boxster exhaust, once the installation was complete. Many remarked that they preferred the BORLA Sound of Power to the racecar exhaust, thanks to its richer, sonorous exhaust note.

Talking cars with fellow enthusiasts can build an appetite, so guests were treated to a complimentary meal from The Lime Truck – widely recognized as one of the best food trucks in Orange County, and voted as one of the top ten in America by Yahoo! three years in a row.

While eating and conversing, the enthusiasts gathered around the eye-grabbing Porsche 918 Spyder provided by local dealership Pacific Porsche. The dealership also brought a 718 Spyder S – the latest Boxster – providing even more eye-candy for the already impressive gathering of Porsches.

The Porsche Owners Club was also invited to speak about its club track days and membership programs. While Battery Charger specialists, CTEK, gave a brief talk about its battery management solutions for daily drivers and weekend warriors.

A raffle was held for all attendees, with one lucky person winning a stainless steel BORLA exhaust for his Porsche. Somebody else also took home a complete CTEK charging system. All registered attendees also received a free BORLA hat, T-shirt and stickers, as well as a CTEK battery charge indicator.

Overall, it was a great day for Porsche fans, with BBI giving them an insight into what their cars are capable of, and BORLA demonstrating the many benefits of its performance exhaust systems.


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