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The 2016 TORC (The Off Road Championship) series was one of the most exciting to date and BORLA was delighted to be a technical partner and sponsor to Bobby Runyan Jr and his team.

At the start of the year, the BORLA R&D Center in Oxnard, CA created a variety of different headers and exhaust systems for Bobby to test. Each combination delivered a slightly different power characteristic, but all were at a manageable sound level. They would allow Bobby to choose the power and torque that best suited the tracks the TORC series visited throughout the season. And while everybody loves to hear the race engines scream, the BORLA systems ensured the sound didn’t fatigue the driver on some of the longer tracks.

Anybody who visited one of the TORC races will have experienced the improved sound level and exhaust note from Bobby’s truck. The exhaust provided a signature throaty BORLA exhaust note so many enthusiasts love. Combined with BORLA’s reputation for durability, the partnership provided Bobby with a competitive advantage.

The season consisted of 13 races at seven different locations across the United States. While Bobby’s truck was certainly fast enough and had a realistic shot at podium finishes, several circumstances outside Bobby’s control denied him consistent results.

Despite his frustration, Bobby managed a fourth-place season-best finish in Charlotte, NC at round 11. During the rest of the season, he consistently finished mid-pack. By the end of the season, Bobby had achieved seventh in the TORC Pro Light Driver’s Championship.

“What a wild year. We had so many ups and downs; starting with such high hopes but struggling until halfway through the season. We finally found some speed under us towards the end but never got the results we’d hoped for,” said a philosophical Bobby. “We learned so much this year and fought hard through every bad situation we got ourselves into. On top of that, we never missed a single race, no matter what happened.

“Thank you to everyone who made the team the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It was fun being fast this year! Thank you for all the knowledge and lessons I learned!”


At the start of the 2016 season, representatives from BORLA visited the opening round in Dallas to get feedback from Bobby and to work with the team. With assistance from the TORC organization, we were able to create a video which can be viewed here.



Dallas, TX 1 5th
Dallas, TX 2 8th
Chicago, IL 3 7th
Chicago, IL 4 8th
Crandon, WI 5 8th
Crandon, WI 6 5th
Minneapolis, MN 7 6th
Minneapolis, MN 8 9th
Bark River, MI 9 7th
Bark River, MI 10 6th
Charlotte, NC 11 4th
Charlotte, NC 12 6th
Crandon, WI 13 11th


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