Hear the new Camaro V6 Exhaust!

Calendar Posted on: November 11th 2016

Black Chevy Camaro

Attention all 2016-17 Camaro V6 owners!

The new BORLA® exhaust for the Camaro V6 is currently on sale and perfect to give your Detroit Iron a rousing soundtrack. Don’t believe us? Then check out the latest BORLA video to hear just how good the stainless steel exhaust can sound.

Available for the Camaro V6 equipped with or without the Dual Mode Exhaust option (NPP), drivers can select from the aggressive BORLA ATAK® mufflers or the sporty S-Type. Both options guarantee to fit perfectly, run without drone and make each journey more special.


Click HERE to find all the BORLA exhaust options for the 2016-17 Camaro V6

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