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So you’re interested in purchasing your first BORLA Performance axle-back exhaust system? But what does it mean if your exhaust is an Axle-Back system?

As its name implies, an Axle-Back, or rear exhaust system, refers to an exhaust that sits behind the rear axle of your vehicle. Generally, these systems are fairly easy to install, require no cutting of the original factory parts, and should take no more than one hour to fit.

Most modern vehicles have what is called a “factory service point” in the stock exhaust system – a kind of connecting point if you will. It allows the dealerships to quickly and easily replace the rear muffler section as required.axle-back-exhaust-system.jpg

A BORLA Axle-Back exhaust system simply replaces the factory exhaust behind this service point. It uses the same factory hangers and rubber isolators, and follows the same exhaust path so requires no modification to the vehicle.

Should your vehicle not have a service point, the factory exhaust will need to be cut before installation. This is a quick operation and BORLA includes instructions and hardware to help you get the job done correctly.

Once installed, a BORLA Axle-Back exhaust system will give your vehicle the growl it deserves and even an increase in performance in some cases.

Some vehicles will have the choice of exhaust sound; from the louder-than-stock but restrained exhaust note of the BORLA S-Type muffler, to the aggressive snarl of a BORLA ATAK® muffler. The difference in sound will be noticeable to you, your passengers, and the drivers you blow past. However, all BORLA exhaust products are designed and manufactured to eradicate the annoying drone that some competitor’s exhaust systems create.

You will be pleased to note that all BORLA exhausts are made in the USA from aerospace-grade T304 stainless steel tubing. This is to guarantee your exhaust lasts as long as your vehicle does, and each one comes with the industry-leading BORLA Million Mile warranty.

BORLA’s Axle-Back exhaust systems also feature straight-through muffler design, mandrel-bent tubing, and a proper engine-matched tubing diameter for a secure fit and peace of mind for the driver.

BORLA Axle-Back exhaust systems use engine-specific mufflers rather than universal parts. This means each exhaust component is designed, tested and optimized for your specific make, model and year of vehicle.

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