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Here’s a little tip for all car collectors out there: if you own something special, hire the perfect caretaker for your vehicle. For Luis Costa, owner of the gorgeous E30 BMW M3, the caretaker is none other than car fanatic, Fabryce Kutyba. And what Kutyba and GT Technik have built with the German icon is staggering.


An accomplished sportscar racer himself, Fabryce has turned Costa’s E30 into a legitimate racecar for the road. The chassis features a factory BMW M3 Evo 3 rear wing, Evo 2 front splitter, FIA-approved Group N roll cage, and Group A carbon fiber mirrors.

The suspension has been upgraded with Eibach springs and sway bars as well as custom-valved Bilstein Group N dampers.

Braking distance has been decreased thanks to Brembo rotors, Race Tech pads, stainless steel lines, and cooling ducts front and rear.

borla-e30-exhaust.jpgThe factory S14 2.3L four-cylinder engine has also been modified to place further emphasis on racing. It features a CSF high-performance aluminum radiator with dual bypass technology. Additionally, the engine and transmission are mounted on BMW Motorsport Group A reinforced mounts to reduce drivetrain movement when it goes like schnell.

To accommodate the aggressive offset wheels (15mm wider in the rear, 10mm front), the fenders have been widened. The wheels themselves are MOMO Heritage Race 6 Monoblocks, which really bring out the ‘80s style.

The interior is like stepping into a MOMO showroom. It features MOMO Super Cup racing seats, five-point harnesses, sliders, side mounts and a low-profile CNC seat base for the E30 chassis to ensure a proper fit. Of course, the interior wouldn’t be complete without a MOMO steering wheel and hub adapter.e30-interior-borla.jpg

For the exhaust, BORLA utilized the S-Type axle-back system Part #11283 and have designed a new competition / off-road mid-pipe that will be available late Q2 2017. These components provided a performance gain, improved throttle response, and the aggressive sound the M3 needed.

And since the exhaust is constructed from T-304 aerospace-grade stainless steel, it can endure the many track events in this car’s future. Coupled with the Group A-spec 200-cell race catalytic converter, you’ll hear the car’s exciting soundtrack well before you see it.

Do you have an E30? Check out BORLA’s Axle-Back exhaust for the E30 BMW M3.

For more information about the build, check out the detailed article on BMWBlog



axle-back-exhaust-e30.jpg bmw-e30-borla.jpg

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