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Borla Composite tips

BORLA has an industry-leading reputation for stainless steel manufacturing – its exhaust products are backed by an unrivaled Million Mile warranty to prove their confidence, for example. This reputation resulted in a number of performance exhaust products being supplied to OEMs for their accessories ranges. And by a series of happy coincidences, this led to a brand new opportunity for the company.

During a conversation with representatives from Ford Performance, it became apparent they were working on a special project to be constructed in carbon fiber. BORLA worked quickly to install its own carbon fiber autoclave and soon began designing and manufacturing the carbon fiber products in-house.borla carbon fiber wall camaro mustang

The results were phenomenal and the BORLA carbon fiber parts were soon a talking point at Shelby when they met with their Ford counterparts.

The Shelby connection at BORLA dates back to when a young Alex Borla worked for Carroll Shelby himself in the 1960s. The Borla and Shelby families have remained close ever since, and routinely attended events together over the last decades.

After witnessing the quality of the BORLA carbon fiber products, Shelby International secured BORLA as its official OEM provider of an impressive carbon fiber line of parts.

As you undoubtedly know, carbon fiber has several advantages over steel: five times stronger, twice as stiff, and two-thirds lighter for a comparable part. This foray into carbon fiber production continues the long-standing tradition of manufacturing premium products at BORLA.

Mustang engine cover carbon fiberMade in America at the BORLA manufacturing facility in Johnson City, TN, carbon fiber will be utilized for exhaust tips, engine and mirror covers, trunk spoilers, diffusers and more. In fact, these products debuted on the BORLA 2016 Camaro SS at SEMA 2016.

The Camaro is the first of a range of products that will initially be designed for modern American muscle, such as the Mustang, Corvette, and Camaro. Truck owners will also be happy to know the Silverado is currently targeted for BORLA carbon fiber accessories this year, with many more applications to follow this year.


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