Calendar Posted on: June 6th 2017

2017 Audi S5 exhaust system

BORLA will soon be adding the Audi S5 exhaust system and the Audi S4 exhaust system to our lineup!

We know that many people buy their next car based on the tuning options available for it. So we wanted to let you know BORLA® currently has the 2017 Audi S5 (B9 chassis) in its Oxnard, CA facility. It is undergoing the same extensive research and development program that every new BORLA product receives. The 2017 Audi S4, which will also be getting the BORLA treatment, will soon join it in the workshop.

As with every BORLA project, each exhaust is individually tuned to the specific car. BORLA is not about repackaging universal exhaust products – the company works tirelessly to find the right combination of muffler size and internal design, pipe diameter, gas flow and more. The team will often experiment with 15-20 different muffler designs on a car until it is able to guarantee the perfect sound, no drone, and trouble-free installation.

To suit driver preference, BORLA will offer 2017 Audi S4 and Audi S5 owners the choice of exhaust systems with either S-Type or ATAK® mufflers. The S-Type mufflers offer a great sound that is more aggressive than stock, give a nice deep note and suit most performance needs. The ATAK mufflers take that concept a stage further. They are aimed at the more extrovert driver who still wants to be restrained around the neighborhood but has the ability to hear the engine roar when he gets into the throttle.

Look out for the 2017 Audi S4 exhaust system and Audi S5 exhaust system from BORLA at retailers this fall. We’ll have more details once the prototypes are finished and the production items are ready to be shipped.

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