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BORLA Baja 500 Trophy Truck

Teams equipped with BORLA® exhausts claimed three of the top five places in the premier Trophy Truck class on the 2017 SCORE Baja 500 event race. The grueling Baja 500 mile desert race near Ensenada, Mexico, that demands a great deal of the vehicles and crews, with truck construction playing a major role in ensuring they reach the finish line.

Finishing second overall, a mere 3min 27sec behind the overall race winner was Justin Matney from Bristol, TN. He was driving the #4 RPM Racing Chevy Rally Truck, clocking a time of 10:06.36.

Close behind in third place was Las Vegas’ Rob MacCachren, who set a time of 10:25.22 in the #11 MacCachren Motorsports Ford F-150, just 15sec behind Matney to round out the podium.

For the second consecutive year each, three of the top five finishers in the Trophy Truck class completed the grueling 500+ mile race with the unrivaled quality of BORLA Exhaust parts to get them from start to finish.

BORLA and the Baja 500 Event: A Perfect Match

The reason so many top race teams use BORLA is for the outstanding durability. It’s what allows the company to offer its unrivaled Million Mile Warranty, and what the teams need when racing in such arduous conditions.

All BORLA products are built tough and are designed to create the best possible sound from your engine. And when you’re at full throttle for such an incredible amount of time, many desert racers don’t want the added fatigue of a droning exhaust. That’s where BORLA scores highly, and why so many teams use their products.

BORLA has also taken what it has learned from working with the top race teams and translated the lessons into its complete range of performance parts for all popular trucks. This includes full exhaust systems with a choice of mufflers sound levels. There are also performance headers available for certain racing applications.

Many of the BORLA truck products are also available as Genuine Accessories equipment through the OEM vehicle dealerships, such as Ford Performance, GM Performance, and MOPAR. Retail customers looking for the same high-quality exhaust systems can enjoy the unrivaled production process that has made BORLA products popular with so many car race teams and car manufacturers.  

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