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BORLA Vista Ford Racing Track Day

BORLA® was excited to attend the Vista Ford Racing (VFR) Customer Appreciation Day at Camarillo Airport near Oxnard, CA. The invite-only event was open to anybody who purchased VFR-prepared vehicles through the Vista Ford dealerships.

The invitation saw a multitude of Ford models take to a temporary racetrack at the airport. Fast Fords whipped around the circuit, with everything from a 1965 Mustang to the latest Focus RS hitting the asphalt. Of course, there were plenty of BORLA-equipped Fords in attendance, especially since BORLA produces the official Ford Performance accessories exhaust systems.

Among the BORLA-equipped Fords were models such as the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Mustang EcoBoost, Shelby Mustang GT500, Fusion Sport (featuring a prototype system currently in development), the BORLA-wrapped 2015 Mustang GT and the famous DRAGG Mustang featuring the BORLA Turbocharger Upgrade Kit. Naturally, these Fords sounded particularly distinctive on the track with their signature BORLA Sound of Power.

BORLA had a vendor booth and showcased the latest CrateMufflers, which are designed for classic Fords, hot rods, and engine swaps.

Overall, BORLA was proud to be a part of another memorable VFR Customer Appreciation Day and can’t wait for it to happen again!

Check out our pictures from the event below


DRAGG BORLA Ford Mustang BORLA Ford Mustang front view BORLA Ford Mustang side view BORLA Ford mufflers BORLA Ford Mufflers alternate view Vista Ford dealer booth Vista Ford track day BORLA booth white Shelby Cobra rear view white Shelby Cobra side view Vista Ford track overview black Ford Focus ST blue 1965 Ford Mustang BORLA Ford Mustang turbo charger Vista Ford racing track white Ford Fusion Sport black DRAGG Ford Mustang hood up police interceptor Ford Mustang close up wheel yellow Ford Mustang red Ford Focus white Ford Fusion Sport rear view BORLA Ford Mustang rear view BORLA Ford Mustang side view BORLA Ford Mustang close up rear view DRAGG Ford Mustang police interceptor BORLA Ford Mustang racing white Ford Focus RS red foxbody Ford Mustang BORLA Ford Mustang close up yellow -black Ford Mustangs DRAGG police interceptor Ford Mustang rear view

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