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2017 Ford Raptor Tailpipe

With the recent release of the 2017 Ford Raptor Mid Section exhaust BORLA has announced plans for 2017 Ford Raptor Tailpipe fitments to complete the ultimate Raptor exhaust package.

The all-new 2017 Ford Raptor Tailpipe design is made to fit over-axle and are made from the same T-304 stainless steel as all other BORLA exhaust parts, guaranteeing incredible durability. While it will not increase horsepower, the Tailpipes will improve the appearance thanks to a pair of tips that can be bought in either carbon fiber or black chrome. Additionally, the Tailpipes are designed to easily configure with the stock Ford Mid Section.

Unlike many of its competitors in the market, BORLA has included heat shields on the Tailpipes. These were developed in cooperation with ECI in Australia. The company produces a proprietary composite sandwich material, which has been utilized to protect the spare tire from heat damage under extreme driving conditions. While many aftermarket exhaust companies do not include the heat shields, this is where BORLA is able to apply its OE quality to the spirit of the aftermarket. They wanted to ensure its exhaust products meet the same standards as the Ford factory parts.

Owners who want to enhance the sound and power of their vehicle without adding annoying drone should consider the BORLA Mid Section. Constructed from the same T-304 stainless steel and carrying a Million Mile Warranty, it includes an X-pipe to help ensure good gas flow and control sound levels. It can be specified with either BORLA patented S-Type mufflers (Part# 60637) or ATAK® mufflers (Part# 60638). The two options give Raptor owners the ability to choose between exhaust sound levels. Both are restrained at idle, guarantee no drone and offer a distinct improvement over the stock exhaust. It’s when the driver gets into the throttle that the exhaust comes alive, with the S-Type offering a deep, sporty sound compared to stock. The ATAK (Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics) mufflers provide a louder, more aggressive sound that will suit many Raptor owners.

As with the Tailpipes, the BORLA Mid Section is designed to easily configure with the stock Ford exhaust. This means it can be used with the stock tailpipes to allow owners to keep a stealthy appearance but enjoy the improved sound and performance.

No matter what option you prefer for your 2017 Ford Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost engine, you can be assured that BORLA will be drone-free and built to pass the test.

Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming video of the BORLA systems in action.

Find more information about the complete fitment range or order your BORL A exhaust system.

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