BORLA Begins Development of 2018 Audi RS3 Exhaust System

Calendar Posted on: September 19th 2017

Borla red audi quattro

Attention all Audi fans! You will be delighted to hear that BORLA has begun design and development of new products for the highly anticipated Audi RS3. This little car is a beast with its 400hp inline five-cylinder engine mated to a Quattro all-wheel-drive system. And in typical Audi fashion, the tuning possibilities are extremely tantalizing.

The Audi RS3 is undergoing the same proven R&D process that all Borla products go through. BORLA is dedicated to achieving the perfect sound for every individual car. All exhaust systems are built for a specific vehicle – there are no universal solutions here!

What’s more, the R&D team typically tests 15-20 muffler combinations in order to establish the best combination of sound, power and no drone from its stainless steel exhaust systems – all BORLA exhausts carry an industry-leading Million Mile Warranty.

BORLA will offer Audi RS3 owners the choice of either S-Type or ATAK® mufflers for their BORLA exhaust. The S-Type mufflers offer an excellent blend of sporty sound with deep bass that is tailored toward most performance needs. While the patented ATAK mufflers take the concept a stage further by giving the car a more aggressive, urgent sound that so many enthusiasts crave. The ATAK systems are aimed at the more extrovert driver who wants to be restrained around the neighborhood but desires the raw and intoxicating sound of that five-cylinder motor when the hammer is dropped.

We’ll bring you news of the Audi RS3 products when they become available at a sales location near you shortly.

Posted by Jason Gelinas at 6:16 pm

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