European Car Magazine Highlights 2016 VW Passat Exhaust By BORLA

Calendar Posted on: September 25th 2017


At BORLA we enjoy working closely with the media, providing exhaust products for project cars whenever possible. As a company, BORLA stands behind all its products, not only offering its industry-leading Million Mile Warranty, but we are confident they sound incredible and make the best possible power. Our desire is to deliver the ultimate exhaust systems to our customers. That is why BORLA is happy to supply the media since we welcome scrutiny and review.

We were recently invited by European Car Magazine to supply an exhaust system for a 2016 VW Passat V6 SEL. The 2016 Volkswagen Passat has been a vehicle BORLA intended to create an exhaust for, and this was the perfect opportunity to develop a new system for the 3.6L VR6 engine in the 2016 Volkswagen Passat.

As we hoped, the Magazine Editor was delighted with the results. He had this to say about the BORLA exhaust:

“My MQB GTI might be miles better in the suspension department, but I wish I could make it sound like this Passat. The four polished stainless steel exhaust tips roared out the most glorious note, unmatched by just about anything short of an exotic vehicle. The VR6 is without question the best-sounding engine VW has ever sold, and the 3.6L might be the best of the VR6s. As you might recall, BORLA spent a few weeks with our Passat prototyping the exhaust for mass production; it is my understanding that by the time you read this, it should be available at retailers. This was my favorite addition to the car and the one with zero complaints.”

To read the full article, please visit:

In the above article, the Editor recaps all the work done to their Passat project car. If you would like to read specifically about the BORLA exhaust development for their 2016 VW Passat V6 SEL, please visit:

BORLA offers exhaust products for most VW and Audi applications, including the latest Passat V6 SEL. We are confident you will enjoy them as much as the Editors at European Car Magazine.

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2016-volkswagen-passat-exhaust-rear  2016-volkswagen-passat-vr6-selborla-passat-exhaust-tips borla-volkswagen-passat-exhaust-system

*photos courtesy of European Car Magazine

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