BORLA Tech Day for Ford F-150 Raptor owners at Galpin Auto Sports

Calendar Posted on: September 26th 2017


As the third in the series of BORLA Tech Days, Ford Raptor owners were invited to learn about tuning options and grab a free breakfast last weekend at Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys, CA.

As one of the largest dealer networks in the country, Galpin works with a huge number of auto manufacturers. Many of these are represented at its central Van Nuys location that boasts dealerships for Ford, Jaguar, Mazda, Volvo, Aston Martin, Lotus, Spyker, and Volkswagen. It also has it’s own, full-service diner and the Galpin Auto Sports center. The latter is a unique facility that allows anybody to purchase performance parts, wheels, T-shirts and more. There is also the Galpin Car Collection on site where many of the owners’ most valuable cars are displayed.

Galpin Auto Sports is a destination in itself where we met visitors from around the country and as far away as Australia during our visit. We were there to meet Ford F-150 Raptor owners for the latest BORLA Tech Day.

The assembled owners were treated to a free breakfast in the Galpin Collection, as well as a tour of the workshops, a free goodie bag and entry into the BORLA raffle, with the top prize being a BORLA exhaust for the Ford Raptor.

Visitors were directed to the GAS back workshop, where many of the more intensive builds take place. There was an amazing collection of custom vehicles to view but the main focus was a 2017 Ford Raptor Ecoboost on one of the lifts.

As two BORLA techs removed the stock exhaust and replaced it with the BORLA Touring system, David Borla explained about the company’s development program for the Raptor, its design solutions and outlined the many custom options. This includes the S-Type or ATAK mufflers, as well as a Touring muffler, which is used in combination with the aforementioned muffler to attenuate the sound. Then there are the optional BORLA tailpipes, or the stock pipes can be retained if the customer wants a stock look.

If you choose the BORLA tailpipes, David explained that BORLA is currently the only company that uses heat shields, like the factory exhaust, to protect the spare tire from excessive heat. He also demonstrated the three tip options, which include polished, black chrome or carbon fiber.

With the installation taking little more than 30min, the Raptor was driven to the Galpin Auto parking area to join two other Raptors. These were fitted with S-Type and ATAK systems to allow attendees to see and hear the different combinations. A low-speed driver-by was also performed so that everybody could hear how the exhausts sounded when the engine was under load. Attendees and GAS staff were able to choose their personal favorite, with opinions split between ATAK and S-Type in most cases.

To complete the day, a representative from King Shocks showed its latest remote reservoir offering for the Raptor, and MC “Mad Mike” kept the morning moving along.

With plenty of questions answered, T-shirts won and one happy attendee going home with a BORLA exhaust for his Gen 1 Ford F-150 Raptor, everybody enjoyed their time and Galpin Auto Sports. We look forward to returning in the future to conduct another BORLA Tech Day for owners of another popular performance vehicle.

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