BORLA Attends the Illest x Hot Wheels Launch Event

Calendar Posted on: October 5th 2017


BORLA was recently invited to join the Hot Wheels for the illest x Hot Wheels Die Cast and Apparel launch event. Guests of the Borla Hot Wheels Event had the opportunity to check out the new capsule collection of apparel while also getting the opportunity to see for the Fatlace Volkswagen Die-Cast Bus and real-life version, for the first time.

Hosted at the Hot Wheels headquarters, the event was also a car meet for fans from around the Los Angeles to bring their favorite rides while also getting to see the Hot Wheels flagship collection. BORLA brought out their signature 2015 Ford Mustang GT, which also happens to be a die-cast option available from Hot Wheels in the 2018 collection so be sure to keep an eye out for it. There were several other amazing cars on display including Datsun 260Z, Acura NSX, and RWB Porsche to list a few.

Check out our shots from the show:


hot-wheels-mustang-illest   pontiac-gto-hot-wheels datsun-z-hot-wheels front-view-datzun-hot-wheels front-view-pontiac-gto-hot-wheels side-view-fatlace-vw-bus vw-gti-illest-hot-wheels chevy-chevelle-hot-wheels datsun-hot-wheels-illest borla-ford-mustang-hot-wheels honda-odyssey-illest-hot-wheels acura-nsx-hot-wheels borla-hot-wheels-illest-event hot-wheels-gray-porsche-911 hot-wheels-dodge-charger hot-wheels-audi-rs8 hot-wheels-hudson-illest hot-wheels-vw-beetle hot-wheels-yellow-porsche-911 side-view-ford-mustang-borla hot-wheels-subaru-brz-illest rear-view-yellow-porsche-911 vw-bus-die-cast-borla-fatlace hot-wheels-ford-falcon-illest


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