BORLA exhaust for Super Street Magazine Toyota C-HR project at SEMA 2017

Calendar Posted on: January 24th 2018

Super Street Toyota CHR SEMA 2017 Borla exhaust

BORLA Performance Industries is constantly approached by vehicle manufacturers, tuning shops, and media outlets to provide exhaust solutions for special projects. One such request came from the Editors at Super Street Magazine. They were working with Toyota to present their interpretation of the new C-HR sports crossover. The futuristic-looking vehicle was making its SEMA debut in 2017 and Super Street was one of a select few to get their hands on one.

The problem with getting the first examples of any car is that very few aftermarket parts exist because most accessories companies have not had a chance to develop their products. This is true of exhausts, suspension, body kits and more. However, BORLA Performance Industries is always up for a challenge and readily agreed to develop an exhaust for the SEMA project build.

As with every exhaust that leaves the BORLA R&D facility in Oxnard, CA, the company doesn’t do universal solutions. Every exhaust is properly tuned to the individual vehicle to ensure the perfect fit, a great sound, and a power increase whenever possible. This is even true of one-off custom SEMA projects. If it has the BORLA stamp on the mufflers, the company must be able to stand behind its products. As a result, the Toyota C-HR remained in the BORLA development area for a couple of weeks while prototypes were built and tested.

Once satisfied with the results, the Toyota C-HR was returned to Super Street with a Borla Cat-Back™ stainless steel exhaust system that carries the same seal of approval and Million Miles Warranty as any BORLA production item.

The Super Street team was delighted with the results and loved the new character the car had evolved with its more purposeful exhaust note. However, there was to be a bump in the road. The Editors had also obtained a brand new body kit from Japan, unaware that its rear diffuser sections would obstruct the path of the aggressive-looking BORLA twin tailpipes.

With the body shop burning the midnight oil to meet the SEMA deadline, BORLA would be given no time to create a satisfactory solution. So the C-HR arrived in Las Vegas with a temporary fix until it could return to Oxnard. Shortly after SEMA, the car was back on the BORLA lift and a new tailpipe was constructed, complete with BORLA carbon fiber tip.

Time waits for no man, and as soon as BORLA had completed its task, the Toyota was whisked back to Las Vegas for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show where it graced the Pioneer audio booth. The C-HR was originally dark red but wrapped in yellow for SEMA and would now be grey or CES – such is the life of a magazine project car…

You can read about the BORLA exhaust development for the Super Street Toyota C-HR here:

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Borla modified the exhaust system for Super Street Magazine Toyota C-HR to accommodate the aftermarket rear diffusers. Borla carbon fiber tips were also added
Borla modified the exhaust system for Super Street Magazine Toyota C-HR to accommodate the aftermarket rear diffusers. Borla carbon fiber tips were also added
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