Super Street Magazine features Manofied BMW 325is with BORLA performance products

Calendar Posted on: January 24th 2018


With a huge array of products available, BORLA Performance Industries is involved in hundreds of different projects every year. Many of these are seen at the annual SEMA show but others surface online and in print throughout the year. One such project was this 1989 E30 BMW 325is built by BMW specialist, Manofied.

The company is owned by Mano Aguilian and the car was built with and for his some Eman. It was the result of a challenge from father to son, with straight A’s at school triggering the project start.

The donor car had engine trouble, so Mano sourced a 220hp M30 engine from a 1989 BMW 535i. The capacity increase instantly provided extra power and torque over the stock motor.

The swap necessitated a custom exhaust so Mano fabricating equal-length headers. The car was then delivered to the BORLA R&D facility in Oxnard, CA where it received a true dual 2.25″ exhaust system with X-pipe and ATAK mufflers. Mano also wanted to use the BORLA  2900 Series 50mm DCOE-type throttle bodies and air trumpets on the engine. This triggered a search for suitable inlet manifolds and the result not only looks amazing, it produced 260hp and 300 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. And the sound? Utterly spectacular. The combination of BORLA independent throttle body induction and ATAK mufflers is like no other BMW you’ve ever heard before.

For the full story on the Manofied BMW 325is, check out or use this link to view the feature story:

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