Borla® obtains patent for pioneering pocket valve™ technology

Calendar Posted on: March 28th 2018


BORLA® Performance Industries has been a pioneer in the performance aftermarket industry throughout its 40year history, and that isn’t about to stop any time soon. Hot on the heels of the BORLA Polyphonic Technology, which was announced at SEMA 2017, comes a patent license for the BORLA Pocket Valve™.


  • The BORLA Pocket Valve allows BORLA exhaust systems to retain factory dual-mode exhaust technology
  • BORLA Pocket Valve allows the exhaust valve to pivot into a pocket recess
  • The pocket eliminates partial flow restriction of conventional butterfly exhaust valve designs
  • Patented BORLA design dramatically increases exhaust gas flow efficiency
  • BORLA Pocket Valve ensures BORLA exhaust systems provide maximum efficiency and power

In an effort to meet vehicle noise regulations but still provide driving entertainment, many manufacturers utilize dual-mode exhaust technology. This generally involves a driver-operated valve in the exhaust system that can be opened to provide a more entertaining soundtrack.

When it comes to providing aftermarket exhaust solutions for cars with dual-mode exhaust systems, it was very important to BORLA to keep the factory functionality. While many of its competitors simply delete the valve technology, BORLA looked at ways to incorporate it and even improve on the available technology. The result is the BORLA Pocket Valve, and we’re delighted to announce that it was recently granted a patent by the US Patent office.

The BORLA Pocket Valve is revolutionary because it improves on the factory technology. By allowing the valve to pivot into a recessed pocket, BORLA has provided optimal exhaust gas flow, eliminating the partial flow restriction of conventional butterfly exhaust valve designs.

There are two principals at play in the latest BORLA patent. The first is that BORLA retains the factory dual-mode valve functionality, where many of its competitors discard it in order to provide a replacement exhaust. And the second is that once they looked at the valve, the BORLA Research & Development team soon saw a way to improve on the available systems to maximize exhaust and vehicle efficiency.

Borla Pocket Valve technology is available in Borla exhaust systems designed for vehicles with factory-fitted dual-mode exhaust valves. To find a Borla exhaust system for your vehicle visit


To view a video explaining the patented BORLA Pocket Valve technology, please visit this YouTube link:


flow comparison of Borla Pocket Valve compared to OEM exhaust valve
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