CamaroCon 2018 Presented by Phastek Performance

Calendar Posted on: May 8th 2018


CamaroCon presented by Phastek Performance took place on April 28th, in Temecula, California. The event was held at the Promenade Temecula shopping mall parking lot. CamaroCon was put together by friends and Camaro enthusiasts: Lethal Camaro, Cornfed Camaro, and Ricefed Camaro. Only in its second year, CamaroCon has established itself as one of the largest gatherings of Camaro enthusiasts in California. There were over 900 Camaros in attendance. The event was free to attend for Camaros across all generations and featured vendors, raffles, food, drinks, music, dyno, rev competition, Show & Shine, and more.

Of the many sponsors and vendors that CamaroCon had in attendance, among them was Borla Exhaust. This year, Borla took the opportunity to sponsor the mobile dyno featured at the event. Winners received trophies for multiple categories including most horsepower and most torque. They also donated an ATAK axle-back with NPP valves and ceramic black tips as one of the raffle prizes. In addition, Borla had a booth that showcased a few of the many parts that they offer for the Camaro platform. Borla offers a full line up of exhaust systems for the 5th and 6th generation Camaro. They have options for all Camaro owners. Whether they have a 2.0L Turbo, V6, V8, or the supercharged V8 in the ZL1; Borla has them covered.

Borla’s booth also featured cars which included Borla’s own vinyl-wrapped 2017 Camaro SS and RSR Wheels 2017 Camaro SS. Other booth cars supporting Borla were Ricefed Camaro, Maplefed Camaro, Cornfed Camaro, and the Dragg Team Santa Barbara Camaro. All four Camaros are equipped with an exhaust system from Borla. The Ricefed, Maplefed, and Dragg Santa Barbara Camaros were showcased in the MRR Wheels booth. While the Cornfed Camaro was on display in the CamaroCon booth. With Borla offering systems for all of the engines in the different Camaro trims, there were plenty of other Camaros in attendance with a Borla exhaust.

Borla’s S-Type and ATAK CrateMufflers on display with the ATAK NPP axle-back with carbon fiber tips.
Dragg Team Santa Barbara 2018 Camaro SS with the Borla ATAK system and carbon fiber tips with silver anodized center.
Maplefed Camaro SS with the ATAK system and carbon fiber tips with black anodized center in the MRR Wheels booth.
Ricefed Camaro SS with the Borla ATAK system and ceramic black tips also featured in the MRR Wheels booth.
Borla’s 2017 vinyl-wrapped Camaro SS with the ATAK system and carbon fiber tips with silver anodized center.
RSR Wheels displayed their 2017 Camaro SS with the Borla ATAK system and polished tips in the Borla booth.
Polyphonic Harmonizer Technology. Used in select Borla systems.
X-Pipe with Mid Pipes for a Camaro SS and an S-Type axle-back for Non-NPP Camaro V6.


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