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Calendar Posted on: July 5th 2018

Borla’s patent-pending, Polyphonic Harmonizer technology was first announced at SEMA 2017. This latest innovation from Borla has the potential to be a game-changer. It is currently available in a number of exhaust systems and the list continues to grow. The latest to join the group is the ATAK system for the 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

The Polyphonic Harmonizer is inspired by pipe organ technology. The Borla R&D team is applying pipe organ principles and mathematics to exhaust applications in order to tune a vehicle’s exhaust note. This technology can help Borla bring out certain notes and combine them with others to work together in “harmony” and create a unique sound. Exhaust systems that feature the Polyphonic Harmonizer will contain pipes of different diameters and lengths to produce different exhaust notes simultaneously to create a rich and clean sound.

This technology was developed by David Borla, VP of Sales and Marketing at Borla. David Borla’s background in music is what helped spark the idea. He started his career in the music industry and is an accomplished composer, performer, and at one point even had a recording contract with Sony. He first studied classic pipe organ technology to help him understand how formulas for pipe length and diameter could produce different notes. With his musical training and knowledge of musical theory, he works with the R&D team to combine certain notes that work together in natural harmony.

The straight-through design of the Polyphonic Harmonizer ensures that customers do not lose power and performance while getting one of the best sounding exhaust systems in the business.

Borla Exhaust Systems with Polyphonic Exhaust Technology:

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