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We all know car enthusiasts are a unique breed. Nobody sees automobiles the same way we do. Where most people see four wheels and a body, we see an extension of ourselves, bringing out our personality, and the passion for the most beautiful machines ever built. We are lovers of hot rods, classic cars, trucks, or exotic supercars, us (Motorheads) all share in the thrill of our rides. It is the look, the feel, the performance, and of course the sound of our vehicles that gives us that adrenaline rush.

I’m one of those enthusiasts, I took the plunge at age 16 when I bought my first car in 1987, a 1963 Chevy Impala Super Sport. The car was an awful sight. It had been sitting at a radiator shop for several years without proper attention. Like a lost puppy, I took it in and helped it become the beautiful beast it is today.

As car lovers, we take careful consideration whenever we think about adding any modifications to our pet projects. I made an exception when I installed a BORLA performance CrateMuffler on my head-turning 63’ Impala. The award-winning car demands attention, all black, and chrome, as thrill-inducing today as it was back in 1963.

What I learned about the BORLA CrateMuffler

I keep my Impala in immaculate shape, but always improve where it matters, dropping a Chevy 350 crate V8 under the hood, custom suspension and adding a set of custom wheels and tires; the result is a muscle car that begs to burn rubber. Of course, I wanted my Impala to have that menacing rumble to match the horsepower. I first went with Magnaflow mufflers; they had the desired volume but were unbearably loud at cruising speed. It was NOT the sound I was looking for. I’m not the kind of person who settles for status quo. That’s when I went on the hunt…

I called up BORLA and team BORLA passed me to Ed. That’s when my excitement for BORLA started. Team BORLA understands car enthusiasts. Ed was a car enthusiast like me and the more he listened, the more I learned the company is run by car enthusiasts just like me. Ed explained that BORLA had a new CrateMuffler product they just introduced. The CrateMuffler was engineered specifically for crate motors. BORLA had the insight to design a performance exhaust that pairs with Ford, Chevy, and Mopar crate motors perfectly. Additionally, I learned that BORLA likes to give their customers multiple sound offerings, Low (signature Touring), Medium (S-Type), and Aggressive (ATAK mufflers).

Borla explained that the S-Type muffler is the medium-rare of the CrateMuffler exhaust offering. After speaking with the sales team, they directed me to the S-Type CrateMuffler because of the aggressive sound that resonates when noise matters most, take-off and slow-down. My Impala is not exactly timid. I could imagine what it would sound like with a new BORLA exhaust installed. I placed the order and could hardly wait for them to arrive.

The day they arrived was Oct 20 at 11:23 am. I was so excited (I had them delivered to my office) I quickly opened the box and showed them off to everyone. I couldn’t put them back in the box. I left one on my desk to admire the rest of the day. Aesthetically, they were a piece of art. Just had to take a picture and show them to all my car buddies.


Once I replaced my existing MagnaFlow exhaust system with the BORLA S-Type CrateMuffler, “Holy Sh*t!”, my Impala’s roar could be heard for blocks, but most surprising, was how deathly quiet it was at cruising speed.

Once I took it for a test drive, I could actually listen to the radio. It was really enjoyable. My previous exhaust system was so loud, at all times, it was hard to even have a conversation. Not anymore! While so many makers of performance exhaust can make a loud muffler, rare and far between are those who can make an exhaust system that is completely drone free. Frankly, the BORLA CrateMufflers are freaking amazing! There is no drone at all!

At take off, my Impala roars with an aggressive, yet musical, exhaust note. As I downshift, the car builds up pressure in the downpipe, releasing the pent-up exhaust with a familiar spine-tingling chug. However, the BORLA exhaust sound quiets to a murmur at cruising speeds. Emitting absolutely no drone that plagues so many performance exhaust systems. The result is a high-quality exhaust that stops the show when accelerating and slowing but is smooth and quiet when it needs to be.

Unexpected Power

While team BORLA picked out the S-type for its matchless sound, which was what I was looking for, I didn’t expect the boost of horsepower it would give my already muscled Chevrolet. My first test drive was shocking. Per usual, I stomped the gas pedal to the floor, my Impala’s motor screaming and its tires spinning. However, I just wasn’t prepared for the difference in power the exhaust made. I couldn’t believe the torque, my jaw dropped!

The jolt of power was unexpected, to say the least. It is amazing.

All In the Family

Not able to keep my newly outfitted Impala to myself, I took it right over to show my dad; who immediately wanted to go out for a test drive. Of course, my father is a car enthusiast as well and was equally impressed by the sound and power. He was also impressed by the quietness of the BORLA CrateMuffler once we were up to speed. After hearing (or not hearing) the BORLA pipes, my dad had to get one for himself. His car of choice is a 57’ Chevy Bel Air 409; the Bel Air is a beautiful sky blue color with chrome trim. The finish is stunning.


The catch is that my dad just finished his work with his car and installed a Flowmaster exhaust on his beloved 57’. But after his first experience with a BORLA muffler, “he just had to have one”, no matter that he had just installed a brand new exhaust system. So, he plans to “just rip it all out” and put in a BORLA of his own.

Future Car Builds

For now, my future upgrade plans include my Grandpa’s 61’ Chevy Apache pickup. Like my other vehicles, my truck will soon be in pristine condition. The charming pickup is mint green in color with pearl white accents. Its humble growl will be amplified to a bone-shaking roar, as the new BORLA CrateMuffler will bring out the beast in the unseemly pickup.




I admit that I am a classic car enthusiast who has been won over by BORLA. I have been so impressed with what the exhaust system could do when partnered with my 63’ Impala SS, I plan to replace the stock exhaust system on my 61’ Impala 348 too. This is a big deal. My azure Impala 348 is 100% original stock. Not a single part has been replaced since it was built in 1961 (except for the tires and wheels). The classic gem has 55k original miles on the clock. For some enthusiasts, replacing the exhaust with aftermarket parts could be considered heresy. Nevertheless, my decision is a testament to how much I trust the brand. I am excited to put my 61’ Impala through the ropes once it undergoes surgery.


THANK YOU BORLA: I’m Your New #1 Fan… I Just Had To Share My Story

It’s bittersweet that it took me 30 years and 9 classic cars later to figure out BORLA is the best choice for performance exhaust out there. They have been building some of the best performance parts and exhaust systems in the industry since the 70’s. I now know BORLA represents unrivaled excellence in performance exhaust. I just wanted to share my story….you have a new Brand Advocate and two thumbs up from me!

Doug Simmons
#1 Borla Fan

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