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When you think of thundering, all-American performance, two letters often come to mind for General Motors muscle car enthusiasts: SS. Add those iconic letters to the back of one of America's great muscle car names and you have absolute magic.

For GM fans, the bow-tie brand's iconic muscle car debuted in 1966 and has gone on to duke it out with the Ford Mustang GT for muscle car supremacy in the hearts of enthusiasts all over the country. Whether you're running an iconic F-Body, IROC era third-gen, or the retro-revival models that redefined GM performance, you can be assured of one thing: teeth-rattling, small-block V8 power.

If you have gasoline flowing through your blood as we do, you know the only thing better than big V8 power is a soundtrack that makes your hair stand on end.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems For Chevrolet Camaro SS

There's no doubt about it, no matter which Chevy Camaro SS model you own, General Motors has equipped the Camaro SS with a Zeus-like engine. However, all that power doesn't necessarily manifest into a soundtrack that matches the character of GM Performance small-blocks.

Lucky for you, the muscle car enthusiasts at Borla have created a series of Cat-Back™ and Axle-back exhaust systems that are designed to make every hair on your body stand on end by providing a thrilling V8 soundtrack to match that all-American power. Our American-made, 100% T-304 stainless steel systems not only provide the thrilling soundtrack your Camaro SS deserves but also provides additional responsiveness and style.

Exhaust Systems For Camaro SS Enthusiasts

Depending on which generation Chevrolet Camaro SS you own (we sell Camaro SS exhaust systems for models 1984-2022) the muscle car fanatics at Borla offer three different exhaust products for the Camaro SS:

  • Cat-Back™: Our signature exhaust system. Replaces all exhaust components from the catalytic converter back to the tips for the full Borla sound experience. Includes X- Pipe.
  • Axle-back: Epic V8 soundtrack at a more affordable price. Replaces the mufflers, along with all exhaust plumbing from the axle to the tips.
  • X-Pipe: Designed to enhance Borla Axle-back systems, and certain GM Performance Axle-back systems to unlock additional horsepower and enhanced sound.

If you're looking for the ultimate sound and performance experience for your Camaro SS, our legendary Cat-Back™ exhaust systems provide the ultimate sensory experience. Cat-Back™ systems include Borla's advanced X-Pipe, along with all exhaust plumbing, high-flow Borla mufflers, and a set of large, polished exhaust tips to let the world know you mean business.

Axle-back systems provide a similar sound experience to the legendary Borla Cat-Back™ systems, but lack components like the X-pipe and high-flow exhaust piping of the more advanced Cat-Back™ systems. These more affordable systems still offer owners a thundering small-block V8 soundtrack courtesy of the sound experts at Borla, along with enhanced responsiveness and additional power.

Borla offers our custom-engineered X-Pipe for certain, later generation Camaro SS models as an add-on to an Axle-back system, or as an add-on to the GM Performance exhaust system offered from the factory. This uniquely designed component is engineered to provide optimum flow for better sound and more power.

For those that own a 6th Generation Camaro (2016-2022) equipped with the dual-mode exhaust (Factory code NPP), Borla has put considerable attention into enhancing the unique experience provided by this clever vacuum operated butterfly valve. This unique component, first seen on the C7 Corvette, opens the exhaust when the SS is put into "Track” mode for"a full-fledged, all-American assault on the senses by changing the flow rate of the exhaust gases and partially bypassing the muffler.

Our in-house engineering team has carefully designed our 6th generation Camaro SS exhaust system to work in concert with the NPP system for the ultimate V8 experience. Once you hear it, you'll never be the same again.

Choose Your V8 Soundtrack

Beyond offering multiple exhaust system designs and components, the sound aficionados at Borla allow owners to further customize their Camaro SS by offering three different sound levels that match the character of this iconic muscle car:

  • Touring: Deep throated muscle car sound with a strong, all-American burble at idle, and a ripping staccato as revs climb. Note: this sound level is achieved by installing an optional front resonator on the S-Type system.
  • S-Type: Ripping, aggressive sound that harkens back to the glory days of Camaro dominance in trans-am racing.
  • ATAK: Well-tuned, yet undeniably aggressive sound fully opens up the Camaro SS for a sound experience that screams American Muscle loud and proud.

6th gen Camaro SS models equipped with NPP valves will offer a similar sound level while the vehicle is in its quietest driving mode, regardless of which sound level you go with. Once you put the vehicle into track mode, the character instantly changes to the desired level.

Worried about highway drone? Borla's No Drone™ technology gives you the sound you want when the hammer is down but calms down to offer a more serene experience when cruising at higher speeds. Sound when you want it, quiet when you don't: what's better than that?

The Leaders In Performance Exhaust

Since 1978, Borla Performance Industries has been the leader in stainless steel performance exhaust technology.

Borla performs all design and research for our premium stainless steel exhaust systems in Oxnard, California. Every single system we develop in-house is built to work with the unique engine harmonics and design of everything from European sports cars to sport-compact legends. This bespoke approach to building exhaust systems means our systems always "sound like heaven and go like hell."

We're proud to offer a true "Made In The USA" product that is not only sold around the world but has become the global standard for performance exhaust systems. Once a design is completed in California, all specifications are sent to our state-of-the-art facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, for production and shipping to locations all over the globe. This sprawling facility employs over 300 men and women and has become a shining example of community involvement.

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