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Borla® Exhaust for Fleet & Commercial Vehicles


Are you having problems with maintenance costs and downtime?

Keep your trucks and cars on the road producing revenue.

Borla® Performance is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of T-304 stainless steel performance exhaust systems and components with over 35 years of innovation, leadership, and experience. See our full product line.

When Borla® made the commitment to follow the natural evolution and seize this growth opportunity in the commercial fleet marketplace, they interviewed Fleet operators, managers, and directors.

Top Priority: Keep the vehicle out of the repair shop and on the road every day, producing revenue and serving customers

Top Three Concerns:

Component Failure - Exhaust pipes, mufflers, heat shields, gaskets, and/or flanges due to
  • Corrosion of steel or aluminized steel caused by
    • Internal sources: moisture and acid exposure from exhaust gases
    • External sources: road salt, sodium, and magnesium chloride
  • Duty cycle

Exhaust Manifold Cracking
  • A significant and costly problem on these vehicles causing excessive downtime and maintenance expenses

Competitive Pricing
  • The availability of exhaust systems and components available in the marketplace for Workhorse walk-in vans, also referred to as Utilimaster and Morgan-Olson step vans, has declined, triggering the supply/demand equation


Borla®'s initial entry into the Commercial Vehicle market began with complete exhaust systems (less catalytic converters) for:
  • Gasoline powered Workhorse Custom Chassis W42 and W62 delivery trucks
  • Freightliner MT45 and MT55 trucks


  • Corrosion resistant T-304 Stainless Steel (high quality, airplane grade)
  • Mandrel bent pipes that nearly eliminate wrinkles in the material that result in stress risers and failure points
  • Short tube headers that directly replace the OEM cast iron exhaust manifolds on the GM 4.8 Liter and 6.0 Liter engines used in Workhorse Custom Chassis

Reliable - Backed by our Million Mile Warranty
  • We believe that once you install a Borla® Commercial exhaust systems or component is installed on a light or medium duty truck it will be the last time that it will need attention for the life of the vehicle.

Going forward Borla®'s engineering and sales team will continue to work closely with Commercial Fleet Managers. One Fleet manager said: "Borla exhaust is bulletproof."

  • Better understand and correct weaknesses in design that may exist in the OEM exhaust systems
  • Offer high quality, long-life components at very competitive prices
  • Incorporate significant design improvements to eliminate problems such as
    • exhaust flange cracking
    • exhaust gasket failure

Future Plans:
  • Expand the commercial fleet system offerings to include F59 and Transit Connect in 2016

In conclusion, Borla® will continue to develop and introduce more systems for light / medium duty commercial trucks and busses, ​while bringing clear value at competitive prices.


Please contact Amy Goodman at 423-979-4087 or amyg@borla.com

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