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Note: Each offers the same power benefits, which vary depending on your vehicle. The only difference is the sound,
which you can hear & compare below.
CrateMuffler® S-Type
The S-Type's optimized combination of packing filament, straight-through core dimensions, perforation pattern and cylindrical shape delivers the intoxicating Borla® "Sound of Power" with every squeeze of the throttle
CrateMuffler® ATAK®
The highest available dB (decibel) levels in our street-legal lineup. The size, quantity and perforation patterns of ATAK® muffler cores are tuned like a graphic equalizer on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, to shape and focus sound waves for optimum high-volume output.

CrateMuffler® Touring Resonator Option

CrateMuffler® Touring Sound Level
If you want to lower the sound pressure level (SPL) of your new CrateMuffler®, you can install the Borla Touring Resonator Option. The Touring Resonator Option is designed to attenuate overall sound. This is perfect for customers looking to reducing the sound level 2-3 dB(A). This straight-through design will not degrade the performance of your vehicle.

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