XR-1 Raceline - Standard Collector Part # 40728

Muffler Tubing Size: 2.25" I.D. Inlets/ 4" O.D. Outlet

XR-1® Multicore Collector Racing Muffler - 4) 2.25" I.D. Inlets 1) 4" O.D. Outlet 6.75" Round x 18.5" Long Body 20.5" Overall Length. Universal Part.

Price : $724.99
Limited Production, please check with your authorized Borla reseller for availability.

4) 2.25" I.D. Inlets, 1) 4" OD Outlet. This is the HOT set up in drag racing. This patented, award and race-winning vacuum Wave Collector was designed to replace your current open header collector and serves as a power producing merge collector and muffler -- all in a single unit. The technology in this unit results in pulling air through the engine faster, which creates more power.

When an exhaust valve opens, an energy wave is created from the expanding combustion gases. When this wave encounters a lower pressure area such as a larger collector pipe or the atmosphere, a reversion wave is reflected back toward the exhaust valve. BORLA®‘s Vacuum Wave Collector Muffler ensures this wave‘s "anti-node" reaches the exhaust valve at the precise time for its lower pressure to help fill the combustion chamber with a fresh charge and to further extract spent gases from the chamber via a vacuum effect.

Made with a patented, award and race winning multicore high flow design just like the standard XR-1® muffler for maximum power. This muffler is recommended for Dragsters, Altereds, and Roadsters. Accepted in NHRA, IHRA, Hot Rod Series, Brackets, Super Chevy, and NSCA). Can also be used on other vehicles.

Recommend for high horsepower applications. T-304 Stainless steel will never rust. 100% welded construction for strength. T-304 stainless steel wool for sound control.

Best of all, it's made in the USA. Just what you'd expect from the world‘s most experienced (and most winning) exhaust brand.


This product in the physical form it is sold does not present a hazard. However, operations including, but not limited to welding, brazing, or thermal cutting can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead which are known to the State Of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Technical Specs
Muffler Config Muffler Shape Muffler Tubing Size Case Dimensions Muffler Oal
Center/Center Round 2.25" I.D. Inlets/ 4" O.D. Outlet 20.5" X 6.75" 23"
Shipping Info
Boxed Weight Box Size
12.0 25 x 11 x 11