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Do you have a bionic ear at your company? If so, who’s ear has the final say-so on muffler sounds, a

We are fortunate at BORLA to have about 50 years of combined automotive acoustical experience in our R&D Department. In addition, both Alex Borla and Marian Juszak listen to and drive almost every system we build. Then, the final test: we have dozens of hardcore automotive enthusiasts employed at BORLA and they review most systems. Experience in this, like any technical industry, really counts. It is amazing how often a new engine design comes along, and we hit it right away. For example, when McClaren did the Mercedes SLR with the mufflers in the engine area, BORLA engineers produced a fantastic sounding product within a couple days. It isn't easy to improve on some of these cars. The SLR is around a million dollars, so you can be sure Dr. Z and his group didn't cut corners.

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