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Is a bigger pipe and muffler system better?

No, there has to be a balanced design to enhance the maximum engine output, exhaust gas velocity, and sound. If the diameter of the tubing is too large, the exhaust gas velocity will be reduced and rob the exhaust of thermal efficiency.  Unfortunately we often disprove accepted racer mentalities like bigger is better. We must spend a great deal of energy explaining to someone how a 4" exhaust pipe will not work as efficiently as a 3" pipe. That is hard sometimes, but it is why we have magazine editors. Even with our excellent "track record" winning more professional car races than all the other muffler makers combined, we still often have to prove our theories to very well know top racers. One of these issues is volume versus velocity. The late John Lingenfelter helped us prove this over and over with his legendary Corvette exploits. People were often amazed how he would run 600 plus horsepower Vettes with 2 1/2" exhaust. If 4" would have made John go faster, he would have run it. We need to have a pipe large enough to overcome the boundary layer restriction in a dynamic flow situation while maintaining exhaust speed and evacuation. This isn't a simple axiom to understand, but the second best explanation is to say in race classes where let us say the budgets are seldom limited and the rules are not restrictive regarding exhaust, you will observe much smaller exhaust header tubing and exhaust pipes than some kids run on their 190-horsepower hand-me-down Honda sports compacts on the street.

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