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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our product different from a "glasspack" design?

Yes. A "glasspack" is a muffler usually containing a cheap grade of loose fiberglass insulation in a louvered tube. A byproduct of combustion is water, which combines with the expelled gases to form a variety of very corrosive acids. These acids get absorbed by the loose fiberglass packing and attack the louvered core. This in turn causes the core to rust and blow out along with the other internals of the glasspack muffler. All that is left is a loud, empty can.

BORLA® mufflers, on the other hand, contain high quality, continuous strand fiber bundle which is superior to the loose fiberglass packing in glasspack mufflers. This high quality packing material and stainless steel inner core construction, which is impervious to all corrosive acids, protects the packing from breaking down and getting blown out, so a BORLA® muffler never needs replacing. In addition, a BORLA® muffler is the most effective sound-absorbing device for the size, and it is guaranteed for one million miles.

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