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Frequently Asked Questions

My new car came with Stainless Steel exhaust from the factory! What's the difference?

Material Difference:  Many new-model cars and trucks come factory-equipped with a low grade, 400 series stainless steel exhaust. These are an improvement from the old, rusty steel systems and are built to improve durability somewhat. Also, the inferior grade of stainless is the only cheap material that will last through the factory warranty period. But, ferritic stainless steels, which are part of the 400 series of stainless alloys, are magnetic, as compared to Austenitic stainless steels, which are part of the 200 & 300 series of stainless alloys and are non-magnetic.    BORLA incorporates Austenitic stainless, which is superior for automotive exhaust because it exhibits higher hardness and yield strength as well as excellent ductility.  And, the higher nickel and chromium content makes it much more resistant to corrosion. Because these austenitic alloys are higher grade materials and harder to work with, they are therefore too expensive for the OE to supply.

High quality, austenitic stainless allows us to back our systems with a Million-Mile guarantee - A BORLA is a lifetime system!

Performance Difference:  BORLA exhausts are also tuned to maximize the performance output of your vehicle and feature a more attractive and cost effective package than stock.

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