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Q. Why is BORLA exhaust so much better than the other guys?

BORLA is the original. BORLA pioneered the use of high-quality austenitic stainless steel in exhaust manufacturing over 30 years ago. Alex Borla holds five US patents for innovative, revolutionary exhaust technology. These patented, award and race-winning designs are unbeatable in terms of flow, sound, fit, durability and guarantee. A BORLA muffler actually flows better than a straight pipe. This also translates to fuel economy.

Bottom line -- all other exhaust products are copycats at best; the cliché is true: "Often imitated, never duplicated". Why buy a wannabe when you can own an original? BORLA has made a 3 decade long commitment and continues to lead the pack with performance gains, quality materials, craftsmanship, a distinctive look and sound, and a Million-Mile Warranty. BORLA is not a trendy, here today-gone tomorrow company or product. Whether you drive a Ferrari, Camaro, F-150, Jeep, PT Cruiser, or Civic, BORLA is the exhaust your vehicle deserves.

Some of the engine builders who rely on BORLA to give them the competitive edge are: Greg Davis, Keith Dorton, Kenny Duttweiler, Ernie Elliott, Ryan Falconer, Tony Feil, Dennis Fischer, Earl Gaerte, Ron Hutter, Sonny Leonard, Lingenfelter Performance, Pat Musi, David Nickens, Roush Racing, Saleen, Steeda, Ron Shaver and Robert Yates.

Racing champs who know the benefits of running BORLA's and trust BORLA to be the quickest and quietest to give them the winning advantage include Kenny Bernstein, Brandon Bernstein, G.S. Abbott, Jean Ann Campagna, Steve Echols, Kent Hanley, Alan Kenny, Pat Musi, Wayne Talkington and Jeff Strckland as well as the American LeMans Corvette Racing Team, GM Racing's Cadillac LMP Team and Team Lexus. BORLA has been invited to participate in Toyota racing programs as well as Team Viper's GTS-R, Team Escort, and Team Focus programs from their inceptions. We "rule" the NHRA in exhaust; and sponsor the Speedvision GT and touring class cars.

BORLA has enjoyed some 20 years of mutually beneficial relationships with the OEM (original equipment manufacturers). We participate in the design and build up of many concept vehicles for DaimlerChrysler and Ford as well as GM, TRD, Mazda, Nissan, and Lexus. Ford Motor Company chose BORLA exhaust for their limited Cobra-R model. Ford's national dealer training videos have featured BORLA project vehicles. We developed a complete exhaust system, including headers, for the Shelby Series I and have worked with Toyota and their Solara as well as Mazda and their Protégé on both aftermarket opportunities and limited production runs.

Top engine builders, top winning racers, car manufacturers, and automotive enthusiasts worldwide recognize the difference BORLA makes. You will too.

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