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Why are your C6 Cat-Backs so expensive?

Since we introduced our C5 S-type (“Stinger”) Cat-Backs™, there has been a dramatic (50%) increase in steel prices. The retail price for our C5 S-Type exhaust has increased accordingly. Our C6 S-Type Cat-Back™ exhaust system includes an X-pipe and the C5 “Stinger” does not. The X-Pipe comprises 2 flanges, the X-Pipe and 2 pipes to connect to the rear section -- and is difficult to build. In other words, our C6 Cat-Back™ system has a lot of added material and labor costs. We have found that a considerable amount of the power gain comes from the X-Pipe, but we will be offering less expensive rear sections in the near future. Alternately, we now offer an X-Pipe for the C5 as well.

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