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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have sound clips on each of your part numbers?

We really wish we could just package a sound sample in a box like little shampoo bottles or the cologne ads in magazines -- you know, the ones where you pull apart the page and get to actually smell it. But the nature of our product is such that this is not possible.

Although we have posted a few sounds on our website homepage, it's really a disservice to the actual sound quality of our products because they sound so much better in person - no matter what kind of computer speakers you have.

Recorded with a microphone - There are thousands of different microphones available and they all sound different from one another. Record the same system, on the same car, with different microphones and the sound will be different. Variables of condenser mics, dynamic mics, large capsules, small capsules, tubes etc. will all affect the sound you hear on playback. Are you looking to compare microphones or an exhausts?

A compressed sound file - Sound files are normally compressed for web pages and this drastically changes the sound.

Played back through a speaker - Similar to the microphone issue listed in item #1, there are a wide variety of speakers available and they all sound different. The difference in speakers will completely change the sound you hear on playback. Add a subwoofer and it's even less of a true replication of what you will experience after you have installed a Borla on your vehicle.

We wouldn't recommend making your buying decision by listening to sound clips on the web. It's like deciding who has the best tomato sauce by recreating the smell they emit with scratch-and-sniffs. There is no substitute for tasting it.

When you hear an exhaust in person, there are certain physical properties of sound that are impossible to recreate with a sound file, such as vibration through the ground and into your inner ear. The sound you hear from our Corvette exhaust, for example, is not just what comes out of the tailpipe. It's rather a combination of sounds coming from the tailpipe tip, the engine, reflections off the ground, resonance of the cabin -- even the reverberation of sound through your body affects what you hear through your inner ear. You can't recreate all of these variables over the Internet, yet they all affect the sound experience of your exhaust. Therefore, whatever you hear over cyperspace cannot be an accurate replication of what you will hear when you install it on your Vette for real. If you're as critical of sound as we are, this is unacceptable.

Borla Performance strives for opportunities to match up against the competition in real world settings because, after nearly 30 years of success and customer feedback, we have a very good idea of what our customers are looking for.

Although it's fun (and certainly easy) to surf the web and listen to sound clips, we wouldn't recommend using this as your final decision.

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