2017-2020 Ford GT Exhaust Systems

Borla for Ford GT

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The challenge to our engineers was clear: give Ford's latest reincarnation of the most storied car in Le Mans history a sound that honors its legacy, and technology that elevates supercar exhaust design. It was a daunting assignment. The GT’s twin turbos enable its 3.5L V6 to deliver 647 horses at a fraction of the weight of a comparable naturally-aspirated engine. But due to how turbos re-route the plumbing that transmits combustion frequency pulses, a flatter exhaust note results. Thanks to exclusive patented technologies, Borla’s acoustical team has eliminated this effect, and brought the GT’s exhaust sound to life. The excitement of hard acceleration is elevated. Cold starts now trigger an appropriate twinge of fear. A masterwork of titanium and carbon fiber, the Borla GT exhaust ignites visions of rocketing 200mph down the Mulsanne Straight in 1966, three turns from victory. Here’s how we did it.

Borla Carbon Fiber Tips for Ford GT

Featuring carbon fiber shells and T304 stainless steel cores, the machined T6061 aluminum spokes emanating from Borla's GT tips were inspired by the flames exhausting from a rocket engine.

Polyphonic Harmonizing with ATAK® Tuning

Playing the right notes together on a pipe organ creates an ethereal sound with dramatically more acoustical depth and texture than a single note. This is the basis for the patented technology of the twin Polyphonic Harmonizers within our GT system. Using the same principles as an organ, pipes of different diameters and lengths within the Harmonizers are tuned to create our signature ATAK® sound for the GT. A straight-through design ensures zero performance loss.

Borla Polyphonic Harmonizer Borla R&D Tech


After exiting the Harmonizers, exhaust gases enter the distinctive "crossover X" pattern of Borla's patented SwitchFire™ design. Unlike a traditional X-Pipe where exhaust flow collides in the center, the unique SwitchFire™ pipe configuration smoothly blends exhaust gas and combustion frequency waves from all cylinders. The result is a crisper exhaust note with more clarity and energy, and less efficiency-robbing turbulence.

Borla Switchfire

Built to Take the Heat

The GT’s mid-engine bay is tightly packed with heat-sensitive parts, hydraulics and other critical components, and leaves little space for exhaust to cool before exiting the tips. Borla engineers spent countless hours developing an integrated exhaust heat-shield system that ensures the maintenance of safe temperatures. Subjected to relentless testing, this shielding (artist rendering shown below) has been proven to perform flawlessly under peak driving demands.

Borla Heatshield Alex Borla

Borla co-founder and CEO Alex Borla (owner of the GT pictured at the top of this page) was a test driver for Carroll Shelby and vividly recalls the glory days of the GT40's winning era in the 1960s. When he was happy with the sound we created for the modern GT, we knew we had it right.

All together, the Borla GT exhaust gives you the very best in performance, sound and design. A stunning upgrade worthy of the car that dared to challenge the titans of Ferrari and ruled the Circuit de la Sarthe for four consecutive years. Click below for more details or to purchase.

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