Borla Asked How Dad’s Inspired Passion for Cars & Trucks at a Young Age & Here’s What We Heard Back

At Borla Performance Industries, we love our dads almost as much as we love making premium exhausts. Oh, who are we kidding? We love our dads way more. They are the men who inspired our passion for cars and trucks. In a recent Father’s Day Facebook Post, David Borla said, “[Dad] made us feel like a partner in a quest for power and speed. It’s a bond we all still share.” In honor of all the amazing dads out there, we asked our amazing Borla fans to reach out and let us know how their dads inspired a passion for cars and trucks when they were younger. Here’s what we heard back.

Jeff posted this about his dad:

“Dad always took me on junkyard trips and car shows. I had a lot of fun as a kid doing that stuff. And working on his 70 Super Bee growing up.”

Here’s what TJ wanted us to know what his dad:

“Endless funny stories that start under a hood of one of our trucks or working on his Camaro and mine…swapping out a clutch and flywheel on dad’s car with my bros while he is [explaining] exhaling what he is doing to one of his friends… To back when we pulled [the] engine and trans out of my car to give it a once over.”

Michael feels he learned this from his dad:

“The most important lesson of all was that automobile repair will require a wide-ranging and varied vocabulary of profanity. If not at this moment, something will eventually reveal the needs.”

Winston added about his dad:

“My dad had a love for Land Rover. I grew up riding on the backseat of our Defender 110 300 series. The most unreliable car on this planet, but his love for the car was undeniable! That’s where I learnt the car culture!”

Adam said of David Borla’s Dad and his own:

“I remember your dad telling me that I was burning the clutch on the Yamaha. I think I’ve overcome that issue. My dad taught me how to drive and showed so much patience and love. I’ll never forget that.”

El Barron posted this about his dad:

“Pops still has his ‘53 Willys, approaching 71 years of life and had almost 40 years. It truly is the car that motivated me to learn gearing. Happy Father’s Day Dad.”

Thank you to everyone for their comments, but most importantly, thank you to all the dads who inspired our passions for cars and trucks. Without your constant love and guidance, we wouldn’t be who we are today.