Sounding off adding a borla exhaust to the jeep gladiator

When Jeep dropped the news that they were bringing back a truck to the lineup for 2019, the automotive world’s collective hearts skipped a beat.

Building upon the iconic Jeep Wrangler’s excellent platform, Jeep promised that the Gladiator (JT) would be the most capable mid-size truck on the market. As it turns out, the hype matched the final product and the Gladiator has been an unabashed hit for Jeep with both critics and owners alike.

Part of what makes the Gladiator such a joy to own is the wide variety of accessories and parts available from both Jeep and the automotive aftermarket. From rock rails to stacked bed racks that are perfect for camping; Gladiator owners, much like their Wrangler brethren, love to customize their Gladiators to be as unique as they are.

One area where the Gladiator is sorely in need of an upgrade is in the sound department. Gladiators come standard with a powerful 3.6L Pentastar V-6 with 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of off-road-ready torque. As stout as this motor is, it just doesn’t sound as good as the tough looks and unique personality of the Jeep Gladiator.

Luckily for Jeep fans the world over, team Borla happens to know a thing or two about making vehicles sound as tough as they look.

Cat-Back™ T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems For Jeep Gladiator (JT)

Borla is proud to offer a series of high-quality, American-made, T-304 stainless steel Cat Back™ exhaust systems that are designed to deliver the iconic Borla sound in three different sound levels:

Touring: Characteristic, deep and rugged that sounds as good while out on the trail as it does when rolling around town.

S-Type: Sharp and intense burble with a proper howl that reverberates off everything from rock walls to downtown buildings.

ATAK: Intense, with ripping burbles, and crackles that are characteristic of high-performance engines like the 3.6L Pentastar V-6. The ultimate aural experience.

Borla’s unique No Drone engineering ensures that our Gladiator Cat Back™ exhaust systems sound off at the right times without annoying drones on the way to the trail, or campsite.

Built For Whatever You Can Throw At It

Borla systems are American-made and feature 100% T-304 stainless steel for the ultimate durability. Unlike other metals, T-304 stainless steel is well regarded for its resistance to corrosion and general levels of toughness in a variety of applications. This makes it a perfect candidate for an upgraded Cat Back™ system on a Gladiator, especially for owners who plan to hit the trail on a regular basis and put their Jeep Gladiator through the gauntlet.

Bringing the characteristic Borla sound to the Jeep Gladiator, while still maintaining the off-road capability owners demand, required the Borla engineering team to rethink the design of an upgraded Cat Back™ system. Clearance is key when designing an off-road capable vehicle, so Borla has devised a clever high clearance “Climber” system that maximizes clearance and reduces the possibility of hanging or damage.

Climber systems are perfect for off-roading, Overlanding, or rock crawling and come with a design that sits close to the body via a relocated muffler, and a turndown 2.75” exhaust tip design that is available in either a natural metal or black finish design. This low-profile design minimizes the chance of damage while conquering obstacles while still delivering that Borla sound you demand.

To accommodate other components, Borla offers Climber systems in a driver’s side turndown exit. Owners who don’t plan to take their Gladiator off-roading will appreciate the extra style of the bedside design, complete with a sharp set of 4.5″ Dual Round Tips available in either ​Polished or Black.

The Leaders In Performance Exhaust

Since 1978, Borla Performance Industries has been the leader in stainless steel performance exhaust technology.

Borla performs all design and research for our premium stainless steel exhaust systems in Oxnard, California. Every single system we develop in-house is built to work with the unique engine harmonics and design of everything from European sports cars to sport-compact legends. This bespoke approach to building exhaust systems means our systems always “sound like heaven and go like hell.”

We’re proud to offer a true “Made In The USA” product that is not only sold around the world but has become the global standard for performance exhaust systems. Once a design is completed in California, all specifications are sent to our state-of-the-art facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, for production and shipping to locations all over the globe. This sprawling facility employs over 300 men and women and has become a shining example of community involvement.

Pioneering and proprietary features like Polyphonic and SwitchFire exhaust technologies consistently put Borla on the cutting edge of the performance exhaust industry and squarely in the hearts of true enthusiasts the world over. Our street systems are offered with an industry-leading Million-Mile Warranty that backs up our claims with real service and support.

Explore to find your favorite sound and system design for your Jeep Gladiator!