Ram 1500 Exhaust Systems

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2019-202​2 RAM 1500 Exhaust Systems now available!

The Ram 1500 is a truck set apart from the pack that deserves a distinctive sound to match its devil-may-care attitude. The powerful HEMI engine and attractive through-bumper exhaust give it a unique look and feel. If your Ram 1500 still has the stock exhaust, you are missing out on the power and growl you crave. We offer the Ram 1500 aftermarket performance exhaust systems that will upgrade your Ram and deliver the power you deserve. Our aftermarket performance exhaust systems are designed for strength, durability, performance, and excellent sound.

BORLA’s aftermarket performance exhaust systems are made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel, carbon fiber, and titanium, to provide superior sound with exceptional durability. Each system is engineered specifically to fit the design of the Ram 1500 HEMI, and we offer a variety of sound levels to meet your needs.

Our aftermarket exhausts provide the maximum torque and horsepower throughout your truck’s full RPM range. The Ram’s through-bumper exhaust design is perfectly tailored for an upgraded exhaust system, and you can achieve the powerful exhaust notes and growl you crave with help from our experts. No matter which Borla exhaust system you choose, you will experience no drone. These features combine to make Borla the top choice for your aftermarket Ram exhaust system.

Ram 1500 Exhaust System Options

We offer a full list of aftermarket exhaust systems for your Dodge Ram 1500 truck, so you can choose the sound level that best fits your taste. BORLA has three distinct sound levels, each more powerful and aggressive than the next. The three sound levels are:

Touring – Touring systems offer a mild growl. Give your truck a noticeable edge without waking up the neighbors.

S-Type – S-Type systems are more aggressive and deliver a moderately louder snarl. Enjoy Sound of Power with every squeeze of the throttle.

ATAK® – ATAK stands for Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics, and this patented technology delivers the highest available decibel level for our street-legal exhausts. If you are looking for the most powerful sound possible, without any drone, you will find it in BORLA ATAK exhaust systems.

Our signature Cat-Back performance exhaust systems require no welding or cutting. They bolt-on using the existing factory hanger locations and sit directly behind the catalytic converter for ease of installation. In addition, you can choose from the following tip configurations:

Single Split Rear Exit – Our single split rear exit exhaust systems provide weight savings, power, and aggressive sound with no drone.

Single Split Side Exit – If you have a 2006-2008 Ram with a side exhaust, our single split side exit model systems are the perfect fit.

Borla offers both split-side exits and split-rear exits for 2006-2008 RAM. Side exits are better suited for towing because they free up space behind your bumper. Utilize your existing configuration while enjoying the benefits of BORLA’s technology.

With BORLA, you will find the exact products you need to improve the sound, performance, and aesthetics of your truck. Whether you’re looking for the powerful roar of the ATAK system or want something less aggressive, you can trust the quality and performance of our superior aftermarket Dodge Ram exhaust systems.

Borla and Ram 1500 – Demand to Be Heard

You chose the Ram 1500 for a reason. Let your voice be heard every time you take to the road. Only Borla offers the 2009-20​22 Ram 1500 exhaust system that will give your Ram a personality change.

Borla RAM Exhaust System
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